Are Whey Protein Shakes Effective in Helping you Lose Weight?


Men and women from all over the world seemed to become more motivated when the Atkins diet was introduced. The Atkins diet, ‘til this very day is known to be one of the most popular diets there is. It has helped many men and women reach their goal in shedding those extra pounds that they were longing to lose.

Are Whey Protein Shakes Effective in Helping you Lose Weight?

Are Whey Protein Shakes Effective in Helping you Lose Weight?

Protein whey—what it can do for you

Those who read up on losing weight or who diligently stay on the task of trying to shed extra pounds know that they are required to burn off the extra calories. They need to lose more calories than what they actually eat. By doing this a person that is on a weight loss program will need to exercise on a regular basis and make sure that they are eating a healthy diet.

Studies have shown that when a person goes on a diet that is low on calories and high in protein, they are successful at losing weight.
When looking at the RDA points, it is said that when a person is on a diet, they should consume about 10% to 30% of what they would typically intake in calories, with protein. Whole foods are generally recommended, however, an alternative to eating whole foods would be drink whey protein shakes. The protein shakes are an easier alternative because you will get all of the nutrients that you need by drinking the shake and not having to worry about buying different foods which are high in protein.

Comparing whey to other powders

Although there are other types of weight loss powders, whey is different from the rest. It is different because its substance is taken from milk and it digests quicker. Whey protein can take as little as 15 minutes to enter into a person’s blood stream. You can digest the whey in as little as 2 hours. With that being said, a person who drinks it will quickly absorbs the amino acids which will add up pretty quick over time of drinking the whey shakes.

“Nutrition and Metabolism” is a popular weight loss magazine in which an article was published recently which discussed how high whey protein is in amino acids, and how quickly it absorbs into the body and digests. When a person would consume the whey protein at least two times per day, and reduce the amount of calories that they would intake, the body would lose more fat and start to create lean muscle on a regular workout routine.

Protein is also leaving people feeling more satisfied and not hungry or feeling the need to overeat throughout the day. In other words it would reduce a person’s hunger.

Whey protein supplements

There are different brands of whey protein supplements that you can buy. Not all of them are alike; they vary in some ingredients. One that is quite popular right now that you might be interested in trying is called Whey Isolate 90. This is 90% undenatured whey protein which has some of the best ingredients and provides quick weight loss results.Similar Articles


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