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Aquasana water filters stick out as champions in a maze of home water filtration systems on the market. Since you are looking to drink or shower in the cleanest, healthiest water possible, you’d want a filter or purifier that is proven and at the same time cost effective. Aquasana is king in both these areas.

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Aquasana’s countertop water filters, were voted “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest magazine 6 years in a row, 2003-2008.

This is quite an achievement considering that there are companies like Nikken, Walmart, Watera and 100s others, selling water treatment systems.

The accolades continue with the popular National Health and Wellness Club, whose members (are also consumers) tested and recommended the Aquasana brand.

Filter reviews aside, are all these accolades supported scientifically? Yes, there are.

Unlike many other water filtering systems on the market, Aquasana products were not designed to allow the government-set minimum amounts of toxic chemicals to remain in your tap water. Rather, Aquasana was designed to exceed it by removing large amounts of chemicals from your tap water.

As a matter of fact, members of the Aquasana family have been certified by the California Department of Health Department Services, which is one of most stringent testing done on the effectiveness of water filters, in all states. This certification means that the water filtration systems are scientifically capable of removing the contaminants in your drinking water that they claim to do.

Their Whole house water filter system has been certified to NSF/ANSI standards, which is at the pinnacle of water filtration certification. This testing and certification was carried out by the highly reputable and independent third party, Underwriters Laboratories, a trusted source across the world for product compliance.

Because any reputable seller of water purification systems should have information on product certification and performance available publicly, you can find all the above information in plain view on the Aquasana website.

From a cost point of view, Aquasana offers the best value. They often run specially discounted prices on their water purifiers. They can do this because they are manufacturers and not retailers. Therefore their filters are factory direct.

Getting your water filter factory direct also means that customer service is first class. This is a company that has been in business for over 15 years are people that know a lot about water filters. A simple email or phone call will see your questions answered without bias.

In the unlikely event that you don’t like your Aquasana product, your purchase is covered by a generous money-back guarantee and in some cases, a life-time guarantee!

Yes, they are other water filtration systems on the market but few have been around longer and have been proven effective both scientifically and by consumers.

Drastically improve the water quality available in your home today by checking out the recommendation below

Highly Recommended�Aquasana water filters are easy to install, effective and priced competitively. Improve the quality of your water and ultimately the health of you and your family by getting an
Aquasana water filter today!

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