Aquasana Pure Shower Filter


How It Can Benefit Your Health

With the various contaminants found in our tap water, getting an Aquasana pure shower filter is a good investment in the health of your family.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see or understand the benefit of acquiring a showerhead water filtration system.

They are more familiar with the advantages a drinking water filter brings to their families.

But people forget that we not only drink or cook with tap water, we bathe or shower in it too. We are exposed to the same contaminants when we shower as when we drink.

When we shower, tap water enters our mouths and noses. Some contaminants can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled when vaporized in a hot shower.

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So what are some of the contaminants we should be concerned about when we shower.

1. Chlorine in water

2. Volatile organic chemicals in water (VOCs)

Collectively, these contaminants have been linked to respiratory illnesses, cancer, liver and kidney problems.

Acquiring the high quality Aquasana pure shower filter will significantly reduce those contaminants from your shower water and in the process protect your family’s health.

Rest assured that when you acquire a Aquasana pure shower filter, you are getting a product that is made by one of the top home water filter producers in America.

As a matter of fact, Inc. 500 rates Aquasana as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Therefore, you are dealing with a company that has pushed hard to attain and maintain a good reputation.

Many of their drinking water filters have been voted “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest Magazine for many consecutive years. Their filtration products are certified to high performance standards and documentation of that certification is listed on their website.

Plus, Aqausana puts their customers first. Should you not be happy with any water filtration unit you buy from them, simply return it within 60 days for your money back. So there is no risk to you, the consumer.

Since there is no financial risk, you and your family have so much to gain by acquiring an Aquasana pure shower filter today.

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