Aquafina Bottled Water

The Aquafina bottled water company is one of the best known brands on the market today.

The company has been in business for a long time and has earned a reputation for quality as well customer satisfaction.

Aquafina water is consumed by millions of people each year, around the globe, and there are reasons for this.

It should be noted that every bottle of Aquafina purified water comes from “public sources of water”. This has been the topic of controversy, whether the company was just using tap water to sell its line of purified drinks.

However, while the water has been treated at the plant before leaving, Aquafina continues the the filtration process when it arrives.

How Does Aquafina Bottled Water Gets Purified?

Quality Assurance Manager from Pepsi Bottling Group
Talks About Aquafina HydRO-7 Purification System

Aquafina water is thoroughly purified using their own process known as HydRO-7™. During this process the water is cleaned and purified through reverse osmosis as well as other techniques that remove a variety of contaminants.

This process delivers a product that does not contain salts, chlorides, and other compounds that can affect the safety or the taste of the water. All Aquafina water facilities use this same process to ensure continuity of quality, no matter where the process took place.

One of the health benefits of Aquafina bottled water is that their purity standards are higher than those required by the Federal government.

Consumers can learn a lot simply by reading the label on Aquafina water bottles. The company prides itself on its sharing of information with its customers. Customers can also find a wealth of associated articles and information on Aquafina mineral water via the Internet.

Aquafina filtered water is also used the company’s line of bath, body, and skin care products. By visiting the parent website, you can learn more about these health and beauty aids.

Aquafina Bottled Water Reviews

The company offers customers a variety of refreshing bottled water. Not only do they provide the non-flavored brand (with no additives) which many people enjoy, but they also sell a complete line of flavored bottled water and sparkling water.

The hallmark for the company is its Aquafina Pure Water line. This line includes all of the non-flavored products.

For those who want some flavor, the Flavor Splash line offers customers a variety of delicious fruit flavors.

There is also the Aquafina Sparking Water line which also offers consumers a variety of flavorings.

Pros and Cons of Aquafina Water


  • The company produces some of the cleanest water on the market today. By using their 7-step filtering process, they can deliver bottled water that exceeds Federal guidelines and standards.
  • Because of its extensive processing, there are no chemicals in Aquafina bottled water.
  • This process also removes virtually all TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from the water. TDS includes substances such as carbonate, salts, certain minerals, and other particulate and non-particulate material.
  • With millions of people buying this merchandise, finding a local outlet that sells Aquafina is easy. This cannot be said for some other brands, which must be bought online and then delivered to the home.
  • The company offers a wide variety of container sizes. From small units that are perfect for children to larger containers suitable for home or office water coolers, they have it all.
  • With the Aquafina bottle pouring water is easy and clean. No messy dripping or spillage.
  • Pricing for all of its bottled waters is inline with other major brands. When compared to brands that require home-delivery and added shipping charges, the pricing becomes even more attractive. This competitive pricing is yet another of the strengths of Aquafina bottled water.


  • On the other side, even though the pricing is competitive with other major producers, some past customers believe it is a bit pricey when compared to bargain brands.
  • Those who live in rural areas, or who are not located near a major retail outlet, may have some problems finding a local vendor.
  • Because of its processing, Aquafina purified water contains no minerals, including the good ones we need for overall health. Those who wish to have minerals and beneficial healthy nutrients will have to look elsewhere.

Overall Conclusion about Aquafina Water:

While purified Aquafina bottled water may be a bit more expensive than bargain brands, it contains water that is as clean as water can get.

This is an important consideration to keep in mind when choosing a bottled water company. It can be purchased locally in most areas, and the company provides detailed information on all its products.

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