Apex JD-1.2 Slant Board Review


When looking for a good ab board that you can use to tone and tighten both your abs and your core, you have an incredible number of choices.

But you need t whittle it down to what you are actually looking for. Do you want a basic ab board with no frills? Do you need an adjustable board for varying heights and degrees of difficulty? Or do you want an ab board with arm attachments that does everything except wash your clothes?

Under review is the Apex JD-1.2 Slant Board for easy abs workouts. The Apex JD 1.2 is one of the lower priced, no frills ab boards available that is…

  • Ideal for sit-ups and crunches
  • Able to add extra free weights for multiple core exercises
  • Comes with an extra-long backboard
  • Includes comfortable, high-density foam padding
  • Has four attached adjustable foam pads for securing legs and ankles
  • Ruggedly built with an included 2 year limited warranty

The Apex JD 1.2 Slant Board is available at several different online stores; and the price fluctuates depending on when you are looking.

Expect to pay between $39 to $60 for the Apex JD 1.2; and keep looking until you find shipping included in the price.

We got our Apex JD 1.2 at Amazon, and it shipped very quickly. It arrived in three days, and assembly couldn’t be any easier.

There are literally five bolts and six steps to put the Apex together, and it was ready for use in just over five minutes.

Apex JD-1.2 Slant Board – Simple to Use With Unexpected Results

The Apex JD 1.2 slant board is a rugged, well constructed unit. Once assembled, there is very little wobble to this board; no matter how hard you use it. It is crafted out of heavy duty 14 gauge steel tubing, and even looks great with the gun metal gray powder coated finish.

The back pad is comfortable, and the cover is designed for heavy use. With a lot of other ab boards that we have tried in the past, the first thing to go is the cheap vinyl cover on the back pad.

The Apex JD 1.2 has a high density foam back pad that is covered with a boxed upholstered thick vinyl cover that does not crack or break.

And the back pad is comfortable enough so that you can use the Apex JD 1.2 daily without the lower back problems and aching tail bone that you get with other boards.

The foam rollers are very comfortable as well; and thickest right where you need them.

Unlike some ankle and leg supports you may have used that pinch the top of your feet or the back of your knees, the foam pads on the Apex JD 1.2 don’t compress that easily and apply pressure to these sensitive areas from the steel bar underneath.

It has an extra long backboard so you are not knocking your head on the floor as you perform your crunches and sit ups; and you can adjust the angle/height of this board for varying degrees of intensity.

The Apex JD 1.2 will not take up your entire living room. It measures 12 inches by 22 inches by a full 52 inches long; and at a mere 25 pounds, it is very easy to pick up and move around the house.

One other nice advantage of this quality ab board is the ability to cross train with it that was unexpected. Throw in some free weights and you can also do inclined bench presses, bicep curls, and tricep work by using the padded foam knee cushions.

But for simple sit ups and crunches, the Apex JD 1.2 cannot be beat. It is very easy to adjust the height of the incline, and this ab board is very comfortable while I use.

Apex JD-1.2 Slant Board – What We Didn’t Like

Actually, there was very little about the Apex JD 1.2 slant board that we didn’t like.

We would have liked this to be a folding board for easier storage under the bed or in a closet; and side sit ups and oblique work will make this board shudder a little.

But overall, this is great ab board that is perfect for what you want to do… Adjustable incline sit ups and crunches.

Overall, the Apex JD 1.2 Slant Board is a quality piece of abdominal exercise equipment that won’t take up much space, is comfortable, adjustable, easy to use, and priced right.

Even though it is less expensive than other ab boards, it is strong and versatile enough to compete with any of them. This ab board is a great value for the money spent.


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