Anti Vibration Gloves


Anti vibration gloves are a great safety accessory for work involving the use of vibrating machinery.

The right sort of anti vibration gloves can be essential to your safety in the workplace.  When you have a job that entails using any sort of equipment that vibrates, protecting yourself is essential.  The same goes to motorcycle rides, as many bikes are known to vibrate pretty heavily during use.  Not taking the proper precautions can lead to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, which can be an extremely debilitating physical condition that you could suffer from for the rest of your life. That makes buying anti vibration gloves absolutely essential if you have any sort of job that requires you to use vibrating tools of any kind.

The main usefulness of anti vibration gloves, is that they allow you to take a more firm grip of the vibrating object than you would have had before, while absorbing all the shock.  This way, the vibrations aren’t transferred to your hands or arms, and you can avoid the risk of injury from prolonged use.  The main way that anti vibration gloves function, is by making use of a thick padded gel layer in between your hand and the equipment.  This layer absorbs all of the shock, so that little, to none of the vibration gets to your hand.  This way you can ensure that your hands and arms are perfectly safe, no matter the circumstance.

But before purchasing any type of anti vibration gloves, you’ll want to try on a pair beforehand.  You’ll need to ensure that they provide a snug fit, but also that they aren’t too tight or too loose.  In either scenario the gloves can be less than fully effective, and that can still put you at risk for injury.  In order to keep healthy and ensure that you won’t suffer from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, you’ll want to make sure that the gloves fit you properly.  Loose anti vibration gloves can also be dangerous, as the equipment can slip out of your hand, and that can cause a serious injury risk for anyone in the area.

Another thing to consider, is whether or not the gloves feature protection for your fingers.  Some anti vibration gloves feature cut off finger holes, so that the tips of your fingers and thumb will be exposed.  This can give you a better grip, and enable you to control objects that are touch sensitive more effectively, but you also won’t receive the same level of protection.  Over prolonged use, your fingers can still become extremely vulnerable.  Therefore, the best way to keep yourself protected in the long run, is to ensure that you always have full hand protection, when you’ll be using really heavy equipment.

You can find a great pair of anti vibration gloves at most hardware stores.  Big retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s are bound to have something, so that you can ensure you have the proper protection at your job.  Typically a good pair of anti vibration gloves can cost you around $40 to $50.  Also, make sure to stick to trusted brands like Valeo and Ergodyne so that you can ensure the quality of your gloves, over prolonged periods of use.


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