Anti Aging Botox Treatment | Does it Really Work


What are the Benefits? Does Botox Cream Substitute Exist?

You’ve heard a lot about the anti aging Botox treatment.


You’ve seen the ads. You’ve seen the celebrity tabloid photos. But if you’re like me, you’ve been asking how much is real and how much is hype?

I’m tired of seeing crow’s feet stare back at me in the mirror every morning so I decided to find out more about the Botox injection… and possible Botox cream, whether they truly work, and how long does Botox wrinkle treatment last.

So do anti aging Botox treatments work? Generally, the answer is yes.

About 97% of patients were satisfied with their results, according to the company’s official website. Although the study was small (less than 120 patients), the treatment’s continued popularity seems to indicate that it does exactly what it claims.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

  • It’s fast. The injection only takes about 10 minutes. In fact, it’s so fast that it’s sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime” procedure.
  • It delivers results you can see. With Botox, you don’t need to wait weeks or months to see results in the mirror. According to the company website, patients may see improvement in the appearance of wrinkles within the first 48 hours. The improvement may continue for up to one month after treatment.
  • It’s long-lasting. Exactly, how long does Botox last? The anti aging Botox treatment lasts three to six months. Even better, after about a year of use, some patients report the effects last even longer. Experts say this is due to the fact that the injections train the muscles to relax.
  • It provides more natural results. We’ve all seen Hollywood types that appear to have so much “work” done they seem to be made out of wax. Anti aging Botox treatment, when delivered by a qualified professional, provides visible wrinkle reduction without the look of plastic surgery.

Can I get Botox in a cream form?

Currently it’s is only available in injection form. While it’s possible that Botox creams would be available in the future, for now we need to turn to Botox substitutesAnti wrinkle facial creams contain well-established ingredients, such as Retinol or glycolic acid, to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Of course, the effects aren’t as dramatic, but they do offer advantages over Botox. For example:

  1. No office visit. It’s true that compared with other medical procedures, the Botox shot takes little time. But the fact is that visiting the dermatologist every three to six months still takes time out of your already busy schedule. A conventional cream allows you to incorporate the anti aging treatment into your daily routine, meaning you’re not stuck waiting in the doctor’s office over lunch break.
  2. It’s portable. Whether you’re caring for your mom in the next state or taking a well-deserved vacation, it can be hard to keep up with regularly scheduled injection treatments. Anti wrinkle creams go where you go.

What happens if I discontinue anti aging Botox treatments?

Over time, lines and creases will start to rear their ugly heads once again. Expect to schedule maintenance appointments about every three to six months.

Is there anything else you should know about Botox?

Anti Aging Botox Alternatives – Beauty Tips Talk

Yes! Don’t mix Botox and wrinkles if you are pregnant or nursing because doctors don’t know how it will affect the fetus or infant. Patients who have certain muscular or nerve diseases, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, should also avoid it. Always provide a complete medical history to your doctor, including a full list of the medicines and vitamins you take.

When you consult with your doctor before treatment, he or she should also provide a list of serious Botox injection side effects as well as actions to take if you experience them.

Is Botox the Right Anti Wrinkle Product for You?

Until a Botox cream is available, the Botox cosmetic anti aging injection is the fastest and perhaps easiest way to get heavy-duty wrinkle fighting power. Your face doesn’t need to be etched with lines and furrows any longer. The best way to find out is to contact a health care professional to find out if the anti aging Botox treatment is right for you.


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