Ansell Gloves


Ansell as a company prides itself in providing technology-based products with innovative solutions when it comes to protective wear, and especially with Ansell gloves. There are many different industries, whether it is manufacturing, construction, or other kinds of work that need better protection. Here is a review of Ansell gloves.

When it comes to people working in the manufacturing industry, of which a lot are women, repetitive motion injuries appear to be a growing problem in America. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that tens of thousands of workers are being injured every year. Rubber gloves and women in rubber gloves are not good enough. Proper care is needed. These injuries also result in large costs to companies, which pay more than $60 million every year in workers compensation benefits because of injuries relating to this industry.

Avoiding these injuries requires many different types of disciplines, one of which includes choosing the right kind of gloves for the task at hand. The gloves need to have the right ergonomic design, which increases comfort for the worker and maximize productivity, thus also preventing injuries such as carpal-tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Ladies in leather gloves is not good enough either. Gloves need to fit the right kind of industry being worked in. Ansell claims to use a new kind of technology when it comes to sewing, moving away from the traditional ‘cut ‘n sewn’ method to 3-Dimensional Automatic Knit Liner (3D/AKL), which provides form-fitted gloves that conform to the actual dimensions of a person’s hands. There are no seams in this type of glove, and it is formed specifically to fit around the fingers, the width of the palm and hand, plus every other section. The result is an extremely comfortable glove that feels like they are not even there. The hand feels comfortable and free.

But it goes further than that. Girls in rubber gloves can smile as Ansell’s brand is sewn in such a way that the gloves become more comfortable as they are worn, as the knitting itself becomes more accustomed to the hand. The stitching stretches and changes to conform as time goes by. Areas that are known to need some more breathing space, such as the back of the hand or even palm creases, are given room as time goes by. This allows for much better dexterity and, in the long run, increased productivity as the gloves no longer get in the way or become uncomfortable to use throughout the day or even throughout the lifetime of the product.

Reinforcement in areas that are known to be easy points for injury is also done. Some of these areas include the thumb and the pointer finger. The type of stitching done which is used is called variable stitching, which allows for the reinforcement but also helps to lower production costs of the gloves.

In many industries workers use different kinds of gloves for different parts of their jobs. For instance, they may wear a particular pair to prevent the hand from cuts while wearing another pair for heat protection when welding. For jobs where smaller items are to be handled, another pair of gloves is used. However, gloves can be made that are fit for use in all the jobs a worker undergoes in the day. Changing gloves is no longer necessary. This is one area where Ansell gloves do well.


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