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All Power America APG3560 6,000 Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Generator

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All Power America generator made by Jiangdong Co. from China. Jiangdong has been manufacturing small engines for quite some time now and they are used in pumps and gas powered generators and many other appliances. Although the name of this gas powered generator has America in it, it is actually quite misleading because it is from China. This generator was previously known as Grenton. They are the exact same portable gas generator with only the name change. The manufacturer might have done that to mislead the general public as Grenton did not have a good reputation.

This gas powered generator comes both electric start and pull start. There is an hour meter for easy maintenance and there are two AC 120v outlets, 1 Ac 120v twist lock outlet, 1 AC 120v/240v twist lock outlet and one DC 12v outlet. The All Power America generator has a 13HP OHV engine and also a safety valve for automatic shut down when the portable gas generator is low on fuel. It has a 5 gallon fuel cylinder and can run for 8 hour 30 minutes continuously on half load. It comes with a mobility kit and propane fuel hose. This gas powered generator is non-CARB compliant. So it is not for sale in California.

The noise level of the All Power America generator is 75 dB which is fifteen units higher than normal sound level.

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All Power America Generator Features:

All Power America Generator has 6000 watt surge/5000 watt rated
* Electric start & pull start
* Two AC 120V outlets, One AC 120V twist-lock outlet, One AC 120V / 240V twist-lock outlet, and One DC 12V outlet
* Hour meter for easy maintenance

The All Power America generator Reviews:

Most reviews from customers regarding the All Power America generator are negative in nature. There are customers who are very dissatisfied by the misleading name of the generator as it is not from America. There are also many complaints about how loud the generator is and is not suitable to be put in the yard as the neighbors would complain.

There are also negative reviews regarding the All Power America generator manual that comes with the portable gas generator. It does not have useful information such as details on the spark plug and also how to change the oil. Also the digital meter that comes with this gas powered generator does not register how long the generator has been running. The call center that acts as customer support does not have any technical knowledge regarding the generator itself, so most customers are dissatisfied with that too. There are also customer’s reviews that states that the product broke into pieces after only one year of use.

There are few positive reviews on the product, but in those cases the customer seems to think that this portable gas generator is made in the US and these customers seems to be satisfied with the product.

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When considering overall reviews of the product it seems that All Power America generator is not a wise purchase. A customer should inquire themselves on this product before purchasing one.

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