All Power America APG3202 6,500 Watts


You almost see the APG3202 portable generatoreverywhere as its design is the most common. It is colored yellow with four little wheels beneath for easy transport. With 6500 watts, you can lighten up your home in one easy click; you can do the common house chores and activities even during blackouts.

1. Power Output – continuous power offered is 5600 watts while its surge will reach up to 6500 watts. You can have your fridge, TV, lights, computer and even air conditioner turned at the same time with this portable generator.
2. Fuel Consumption – the 4 galloons of fuel will reach 11 hours of continuous running at 50% load and 8 hours for full load.
3. Outlets – the options you have are two 120 volts AC, one 120 volts twist-lock, one 120/240 volts twist lock, 12 volts DC 8.3 amps.
4. Engine – it has a 10 horsepower, air cooled OHV engine with an electric start and a backup recoil. With one single click, you can make your home brighter.
5. Amp and Hour Meters – this is for you to know how many amps your appliances are receiving and how long the generator has been running.
Like the one previously mentioned, it does not automatically shuts off when the oil is low, so you need to personally check on the quantity of the oil before you set it to start.
Which one do you prefer?

It is not easy to choose between these two however, you’ve got to know how much power your home needs before deciding. Besides, their features are fully presented here so you have a guide in deciding which one you really need. Again, these two are portable gas generators that you can use in your home or even outside gatherings.


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