All about Medicalia Medi-Heal Body Stretchmark Guard Cream


Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil, this is a solution to every pregnant woman’s dream of having a stretch-mark free belly. Despite this main feature in the product, you can still use it for your hips and breasts which may also be affected by the skin condition especially during your pregnancy. What’s to love about this product?

Well it has a very promising feature in its mild scent. Consider the fact that perfume-based products can harm the skin and can worsen the condition. This feature will also mean that you will be free from morning sickness while using it.

Medicalia Medi-Heal Body Stretchmark Guard Cream

Apart from this feature, you have to expect how the natural components in the product work to address your problems with stretch marks. It has calendula, chamomile and other natural oils that moisturize and heal the skin.

More on the Ingredients in Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil has Chamomile, a calming agent that soothes the skin and the entire system which is especially helpful for pregnant women who are in the most delicate stage in their lives. It also has calendula, an organic ingredient that is renowned for its skin healing properties. Additionally, it has combined neroli and borage oils whose purposes are to help increase skin elasticity and nourish it from within.

Apart from all the oils mentioned, there are other essential oils in the product like those that were extracted from jojoba seed and organic orange. To top that, it also has an antioxidant component in Vitamin E.

How Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil Works

Plant-based oils, that is, what the product is all about. Being plant-based in nature, you will experience no irritation while using this product. It also has no toxins nor artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives that may harm your skin. It also does not have nut oils and can be perfectly used during your bath as a calming and soothing oil or as a massage oil that will help lessen stretch marks where it is most visible.

There are two ways by which you can use this stretch mark oil as a part of your regimen during your pregnancy. First, you can massage it specifically on your breasts and belly to lessen chances of acquiring stretch marks after childbirth. Second, you may include it in your daily bath during the last few months of your pregnancy.

Benefits of Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil is an absorbable oil that is helpful when it comes to preventing stretch marks. It eliminates the itching that may come when your bellies expand and is also ideal for those of you who underwent natural delivery. Its delicate scent will not make you worry of morning sickness plus its natural oils will make it also mild on skin.

Our Verdict

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil is a natural oil. You will love the product for that. This will be a reason for you to get it and be your partner for stretch-mark free skin. Remember though that it pays more attention on stretch marks that may inflict pregnant mothers. If you are pregnant and you want to be free from this skin condition, you can try it for $19.95 only.


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