All About Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter


Stretch mark is a plight common to pregnant women but it may also be a result of weight loss and abrupt weight changes. This then means that it is not only women who get it. Men, who are into bodybuilding may also have it.

In battling stretch marks, you will come across many different options to help you with. The most popular among them are stretch mark creams which need to be massaged over skin to allow it to work into the roots. Stretch mark creams come in different brands and in this page, let us talk about basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter. What is this product all about?

basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter is considered one of the serious solutions you will have for stretch marks. It works two ways; first is to repair the skin which has been inflicted with the skin condition and another is to prevent stretch mark formation in the future. This one is ideal for pregnant moms thus men may not enjoy this product.

Ingredients in basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

The product boasts of its clinically-proven ingredients. It has combined ingredients called Algesium C and Darutoside which are tasked to work on both the functions of this stretch mark cream, that is, to prevent and repair stretch marks. Also, it has essential oils from borage and grapeseed which are tasked to hydrate the skin and to boost EFA. EFA is proven to be crucial to deep skin repair and also for scar prevention. Add to this, it also has Jojoba and Shea butter whose tasks are to nourish the skin from within for added protection.

How basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter Works

This product is noted to be rich in terms of texture. Despite that, it has a light aroma that allows you to prevent harshness on skin areas it is treating. The product works as it is absorbed by the skin after massaging it with the cream. This is to be massaged lightly on stretch mark prone areas particularly the abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, hips and thighs. Application should be done over cleansed skin once in the morning and another at night.

Benefits of basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter is beneficial to end users simply because it takes charge of repairing existing stretch marks and also sees to it that stretch mark is prevented from forming in the future. This is the reason behind why pregnant moms may benefit from this product since it the course of their pregnancy, there is a higher chance they will contact stretch marks. While using this product, stretch mark formation during this stage can be prevented. For those who decide to use it after giving birth, this can help repair skin.

Our Verdict

Pregnant women are, with no doubt, the common victims of stretch marks. This is because many of their body parts stretch during pregnancy. This is the reason behind why makers of basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter have introduced the product. However, some of you who are faced with stretch marks aside from pregnancy issues may not benefit from the cream. Costing $34, pregnant moms may give it a try.


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