Airbrush Foundation for Beginners: How to Apply the Best Makeup


The airbrush has always been a tool that defied categorization. Artists use it to create eerily realistic masterpieces. Car painters use it to bake that new Porsche 911 a dazzling red. And magazine designers use it to iron out the creases of the latest cover girl. The airbrush seems to flit and float around the industry and settles on whatever purpose it can serve next.

Even in the midst of the sweaty slave ship, Charlton’s airbrushed makeup stays on!

Today, we’ll be looking at the airbrush as a means of putting foundation makeup. For those of you who do not realize that the airbrush can be used this way, you’ll be surprised to know that this handy tool has been spraying faces since 1925; it was used on the cast of Ben-Hur to make sure their features were ready for the big screen.

The Airbrush

The airbrush is composed of three working parts: the trigger, the feed system, and the mix point.

The trigger: this is the button or lever that you press in order to cause air and makeup to enter the body of the airbrush. The air and makeup then mix together and are expelled as fine droplets outwards onto your face.

The feed system: this creates the power that forces the air and makeup into the airbrush. Typically, the air is sucked using a small motor that is connected to the airbrush while the makeup enters via gravity.

The mix point: this refers to the area where the air and makeup mix just before they are expelled; it is commonly located at the tip of the airbrush.

A complete Luminess airbrush kit. Notice the silver airbrush gun resting on the box.

How to Apply the Best Airbrush Makeup

1. Set up your airbrush kit or system.

Be sure to go over the instructions provided by the company where you purchased your airbrush. The parts usually involve a motorized pump, a connector, a power supply plug, and the airbrush tool itself. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to assemble everything; it’s just a matter of reading the manual for a few minutes to make sure you’re putting everything right. Manufacturer’s like the ones who created the Luminess Air airbrush provide easy to follow instructions in the box.

2. Wash your face with warm water.

Grab a soft cloth or mitt and soak it in warm water. Gently cleanse your face with the cloth, making sure to remove any dirt or residual makeup you may have forgotten to wipe off the day before. You can also wash your face and use a moisturizer if you want a thorough cleanse. After you’ve cleaned your face, dry it off with a towel.

3. Apply your primer.

Get a pea-sized amount of facial primer and apply it evenly on your face. This is usually done by dabbing small amounts on your forehead, nose, and chin and then spreading the primer outwards to avoid concentrating it on one area. Let it dry for a minute or so after applying.

4. Load the foundation.

Next, grab your desired foundation shade and be sure to shake the container first to distribute the colour evenly. Then, pour the foundation onto the airbrush. There is usually a cup located on top of the brush to serve as a container for the makeup. It’s usually sufficient to put in about five to ten drops into the container. You can also put two or more foundation liquids inside the container until you get the shade you want, but be sure to stir them with a toothpick afterwards so that they are evenly mixed.


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