Airbase Makeup Making Waves in the Cosmetic Industry


The history of Airbase

Granted, with the booming popularity of airbrush makeup (especially in our modern, HD world where every imperfection can be seen on camera close-ups) a few companies jumped in and started manufacturing their own airbrush kits. While there are some good ones, most of the airbrush systems out there are made by people who either have no experience in the makeup industry or are just in it for a quick buck. Thankfully, Airbase makeup isn’t one of them.

The Airbase company was founded by Judy Naaké of St. Tropez self-tanning spray fame and movie-makeup pro Ann Buchanan who was nominated for an Oscar due to her work in the 2000 film Shadow of the Vampire. If these two co-founders have anything to say about airbrush systems, it’s that it should only be developed by professionals.

Why Airbase makeup?

Naaké and Buchanan developed their airbrush system using cosmetic ingredients that aren’t found anywhere else. The two primary elements in their cosmetics are silicon and a blend of Vitamin A and E.

Silicon-based makeup might seem strange and exotic. After all, most cosmetics for airbrushes are all water based. While it is true that the silicon type is more expensive, it has some amazing capabilities that cannot be replicated by other brands. For instance, silicon-based makeup is lighter, longer-lasting, and has an effect of blending perfectly with the natural skin. It is also resistant to wear and tear, heat, and is easier to apply compared to other types.

Vitamin A and E are also two ingredients mixed in with the Airbase line. Vitamin A is specifically geared towards improving the vitality of the skin and removing those awful age lines we hate so much. Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant and helps protect the skin by keeping its cellular integrity intact.

The Airbase Line

The Airbase system basically has two components: the airbrush itself and the liquid cosmetics that get sprayed out.

The airbrush – this is the actual metallic device that sprays out the cosmetic. It basically consists of a feed system where the liquid makeup is poured in, a reservoir where the poured makeup is stored and mixed with air, and a trigger which, when pulled, forces the makeup out at high pressure where it becomes atomized into superfine particles. Included with the airbrush is a compressor which provides the power necessary to pressurize the system.

The makeup line includes

Airbase perfecting primer
 – this primer is a unique blend of platinum technology made in a Swiss laboratory. It has moisturizing properties which nourishes the skin and provides the best initial layer upon which the makeup can rest. This is not airbrushed on but applied manually.

Airbase foundation – the pièce de résistance, the Airbase foundation is responsible for providing that airbrushed look that goes well in any and every occasion.

comes in 7 different shades which can be titrated and mixed to arrive at your ideal color.

Airbase blusher – when you want to accentuate and highlight a certain part of your face after applying the foundation, the Airbase blusher will do the job better than any other.

Airbase bronzer – finally, when you want that bronzed look, the Airbase bronzer, true to its name, can be applied over the foundation to give your features that smooth golden light.

There are other accessories, and they can be easily seen at the online Airbase shop.


Coming to the end of the article, you might be wondering why Airbase is one of the leading airbrush designer systems available out there today even when compared to the likes of competitors like luminess air (click here for more on luminess air). Well, for reasons other than the ones mentioned above, it clearly shows in the way they do business at their official site. The Airbase management provides excellent kits and packages to combine the makeup and airbrush into one solid deal that can be obtained by the everyday woman for her personal home makeup arsenal. Technical support and customer response is also quite topnotch, leading to a business that certainly shows their best face in terms of quality and friendliness.


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