Best Air Hockey Table Reviews Guide 2019


There’s nothing like an air hockey table to reconnect you to one of the most exciting recroom games ever created. Kids absolutely adore this fast paced mini-sport and get to develop their hand-eye coordination and bring out their positive competitive natures in a safe way. Of course, air hockey isn’t just for kids – adults need play as much as children, perhaps even more, and air hockey is the perfect escape into a wonderful one-on-one match with a good friend.

Air hockey tables come in a plethora of sizes, styles and prices. Most tables are between 4 and 8 feet and younger kids will do better playing on a smaller table whereas older kids and adults will have more fun with a table that’s at least 7 feet long.

Really young kids can even play on a small 2 foot long air hockey tabletop model to pique their interest in the full sized game once they’re big enough to play it to and get them involved in something fun that doesn’t have a computer screen attached to it!

Serious enthusiasts and arcade/bar owners are going to want to look for a standard 7 foot professional model that keeps score automatically with enticing LEDs and features coin or dollar activation. There are plenty of alluring styles and colors to choose from that practically beg people to play on the table and there is even a boom-a-rang style table that transforms the dimensions to make standard air hockey even more challenging and exciting!

We’re all adults here but we admit it, we LOVE air hockey, which is why we stock only the best known brand name tables to make sure that the next game you, your children and friends play will absolutely blow you away!


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