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Air Dragon Review

If you’re always behind the wheel, it’s easy to tell when there’s something wrong with your car. And any driver knows – when your car isn’t working as it should, there’s no way to shake off the feeling of unease. Sure, there are lots of different things that could go wrong with a car. But possibly the most common and the easiest to diagnose and detect is a deflated tire.

When one or more of your tires doesn’t have the right air pressure, the likelihood of losing control of your car becomes much more likely. So, what are you supposed to do if there isn’t a gas station or car repair shop nearby for you to get your tires inflated?

These days, you can buy your own handheld air compressor, just like the Air Dragon. This device can fit in a glove box or trunk, and promises to safely inflate your tire to perfect pressure so you won’t have to face the risks of having a deflated tire on the road.

The only question is, can a handheld device like the Air Dragon really address these situations as it promises? Find out what we learned about the Air Dragon Air Compressor and whether it’s an investment you should make with our comprehensive review.

At a Glance

The Air Dragon almost looks like a small handheld drill, minus the drill bit. In its place is a small nub with a hole that locks with your tire to increase air pressure. On the rear is a small display that tells you the pressure configuration, indicating in pounds per square inch that the device will exert once turned on.

It’s compact and relatively lightweight, which are both good points especially if you’re considering portability. But as with any other product, there’s more than meets the eye with the Air Dragon.

Easy Operation

Another reason why the Air Dagon initially sold thousands of units after its release is the fact that it promises straightforward and easy operation. The device can be used by virtually anyone, allowing even those without any car repair experience to fix a flat with minimal effort and difficulty.

All in all, the Air Dragon is fairly easy to use. Just set the PSI, plug it into your tire, and let the device do the rest. So it’s easy to see that there was some thought put into the overall design and program of the device.

Safety and Security

This is one of the biggest problems with the Air Dragon. When handling a device that does a job that’s almost always considered dangerous, people want something that feels sturdy and reliable. Unfortunately, the Air Dragon fails to meet this standard, feeling like a cheap plastic construction in your hand.

The casing that houses the motor and electronics feels flimsy and cheap, and allows heat to seep through easily once the device is turned on. Some users have complained that the bottom of the casing pops off in some cases, revealing the internal motor and giving the device an overall feel of poor construction.

Needless to say, this faulty structure makes the Air Dragon prone to accidents, which is definitely not something buyers want to deal with when handling something as serious as a car.

Speed of Use and Efficiency

When you’re out on the road and need an emergency tire inflation, you don’t want to spend too long outside your car. So any handheld air compressor you might want to use for the situation should be able to inflate your tire quickly and efficiently to save time so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Sadly, this is yet another issue that the Air Dragon struggles with. The device takes a long time to inflate a single tire, and may even require that you repeat the process once it’s done. This is because the Air Dragon can only be used 15 minutes per inflation, and in most cases, that time isn’t enough to inflate a tire to the right air pressure.

Another thing that makes it a poor choice is the fact that it doesn’t inflate tires as expected. Aside from taking much too long to finish the job, it also doesn’t exert as much force as desired. Often, the screen will black out or fade away, making it close to unreadable while the device is on. The motor also makes a rather loud rattling noise that indicates that it has difficulty with the job.

Flimsy and Easily Breakable

Many buyers complain that the Air Dragon breaks immediately after just a single use. This is true despite the manufacturer’s claims that the device is an investment for car owners who want to have a device at the ready in case of unwanted situations on the road that could lead to accidents.

Most of those who purchased the Air Dragon had it give up on them during or after the first use, but there are some who complained that the device refused to work even straight out of the box. So unless you’re ready to take a gamble with a device that may not serve its purpose in the first place, it might be better to steer clear of the Air Dragon.

Pros of the Air Dragon

  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for keeping in your car’s glove box or trunk.
  • Easy to operate, with straightforward instructions and usage procedures.

Cons of the Air Dragon

  • Feels unsafe, overheating and generating lots of noise during operation. The device’s motor is concealed in a flimsy plastic casing that breaks easily.
  • Doesn’t inflate tires as efficiently or effectively as possible. Seems to lack the power needed to handle the job.
  • Slow to work, takes more than a single cycle to reach the desired PSI.
  • The motor and electronics of the device easily give up after the first use. In some cases, the device doesn’t work all together.


It’s easy to understand why someone would want to buy a device like the Air Dragon. If you’ve ever been in a situation that involved your tires’ air pressure, you already know how much relief you’d get out of having a portable air compressor in your trunk.

Unfortunately, the Air Dragon doesn’t really do much to resolve tire problems. When it all comes right down to it, the device feels more like a waste of money rather than a real solution for tire issues.

If you want a reliable air compressor that you can keep in your car, consider the Air Hawk instead – a viable alternative that does as it promises and gives you the best value for your money.



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