Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic


Riflescopes are designed for one particular purpose, which is to zoom in long range targets. However, there are other scopes that are more enhanced and for better view and for maximum performance. The Aimpoint PRO patrol rifle optic is a riflescope with unique features. These features make this particular riflescope more reliable for accurate aiming. The Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope is the best scope that you can use in a shot out scenario. This is because the scope uses an angle red dot to focus on the target. Another great advantage about this dot is that, it engages a target from a long range distance.

The Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope angle dot last for about two minutes before it resets again. This gives you plenty of time to focus on your target and take your shot. Apart from accurate long range aiming, this riflescope also offers a number of options for night vision brightness. That is why most professionals prefer using this riflescope, since it is very convenient to use during the night. The Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope has precise adjustments for image clarity. The eye relief is an inch deeper compared to other riflescopes, which not only protects your eye but also creates a doted angle on your target.

If you are looking for a riflescope with fewer switches, then Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope is suitable for you. The red light of the riflescope remains on for a maximum of three years, and after this period you can change your battery with a new one. The riflescope uses a single cell battery and comes with a reminder for time tracking. This particular riflescope is also used for outdoor activity such as hunting. Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope is advanced in target magnification and creates a clear open circle of your target from a hundred and fifty yards.

Specs of Aimpoint PRO patrol rifle

Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope features are not only unique, but easy to use as well. It is easy to mount it to your rifle and comes with a manual guide in case you need any reference. Here are some of the features on Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope:

  • A thirty millimeter hard anodized tube for turning the sight on
  • Removable spacer
  • Torque limiting twist knob that helps your mount the scope on its rightful place without tightening too much.
  • Flip up covers for the lenses. Whipping your lenses all the time is not a good idea because you might interfere with their placing. That is why the Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope has flip up covers for protecting the lenses from dust, and any kind of impact.

Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope makes it easy for you to aim your target at a quicker pace because of the red light which is always on, unlike other riflescopes where you have to aim and switch on the light in order to find your target. That is why law enforcers prefer using this riflescope in a shot out combat, since you can lock on many targets and get an accurate shot within a short time.

Pros of Aimpoint PRO patrol rifle

Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope is easy to aim with, even for new starters who are learning how to short. You can also remove the spacer in case you want to use the riflescope on a machine gun or a shotgun.


Even though the Aimpoint PRO patrol riflescope is highly advance and quick in aiming, it is only sold to U.S residents. The riflescope is normally imported from Sweden and weighs approximately one point two pounds.


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