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The Healing Power of Ahava Cleansing Cream, Salt Soap & Spa Lotions

From Ahava Mineral Eye Cream to Ahava Cleansing Creams, I needed to find out if these formulas were worth the time and effort.


Do you have Ahava? If you’re fighting the battle against aging, maybe you should. While searching for a skin care line that works, I was intrigued by these exotic sounding Ahava spa products.

Ahava lotion products are made in Israel, which spans part of the Dead Sea, known around the world for its healing properties. Called the world’s largest natural spa area, the sea holds the highest concentration of minerals on Earth.

Some minerals found there, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, attract and retain water so well they’ve been coined Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs). Ahava researchers build their formulations on a foundation of minerals, salts, and mud found in the area.

Online Reviewers Love Ahava Mineral Eye Cream

This Ahava moisturizer for the eyes softens skin and gives it a more youthful appearance, according to the company website. The power apparently lies in Ahava’s patented Osmoter complex, which replenishes the look and feel of skin.


The product is also rich in a variety of botanical ingredients, including Calendula flower (which is said heal irritated skin), Butcher broom (which is reported to increase circulation), and aloe leaf juice (which some believe has healing properties). The result is a hydrated appearance that visibly diminishes fine lines while making the eyes appear brighter.

So does the Ahava cream for eyes live up to the manufacturer’s hype? Many users say “Yes!” Real consumers on online rating sites wrote they loved how this anti aging cream hydrated their eye area and made fine lines plump out.

Reviewers say the Ahava moisturizer absorbs within a few minutes, making it a breeze to wear under concealer or make up. While Ahava Mineral Eye Creams are safe for sensitive skin, some users warn that using too much will allow it to migrate into the eyes, irritating them. Another downfall for some shoppers is the price. The company sells a 1 ounce jar for more than $40.

Ahava Beauty Products Cover a Full Range of Cleansing Creams & Lotions


Cleansers, such as the Ahava cleansing cream, are a popular part of the brand. The cleansing cream contains the botanical- and mineral-based Osmoter compound, a soap-free formula that nourishes as well as cleans. It’s pricey for a cleanser, though: a 3.4 ounce bottle sells for more than $20.

Another popular cleanser is Ahava Mineral Salt Soap. This bar soap uses mineral compounds to wash away the grime of the day while replenishing the skin with minerals.

Ahava Purifying Mud Soap is another cleanser that uses mud compounds to clarify the skin. Like Ahava Mineral Eye Cream, both soaps are on the expensive side: over $8 for a single bar. In addition, some online reviewers reported they didn’t like using a bar soap.


Are Ahava products the best kept secret in skin care?

This anti aging and beauty line doesn’t seem to have the popularity of other brands, like Olay or Loreal. That doesn’t mean products like Ahava Cleansing Cream and Ahava Mineral Body Lotion aren’t worth a try.

If you purchase them directly from the company website, the brand offers a complete satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return items for a refund, minus the cost of shipping. Cut down on cost by visiting the manufacturer’s website for occasional specials and even coupon codes.

If you need an anti aging solution (and who doesn’t?) then it might be time for you to have Ahava Mineral Eye Cream or other Ahava beauty products in your regimen.


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