Aerogen Wind Generator for Boats


Some say that the AeroGen is the ideal wind generator for boats, especially a sailboat.

A boats wind generator product made in the UK, with a dealer near you, they are well known with a 15-year history of wind turbine manufacturer and service. Used the world over, these wind generators for boats are used for yachts as well as sailboats, highly portable, and even used by military and research and education facilities.

These wind generators for boats by AeroGen are very compact and lightweight. Maintenance free, they are safe and quiet as any you’ll find, and troubleshooting is almost a moot point. Mounting kits are just one of the handy accessories that are available with these AeroGen wind generators. They are so light that you can easily assemble them on your favorite sailboat too.

Lets look at a few different AeroGen models for various boats.

The AeroGen2, for example, is the lightest version of these generators for boats. It is ideal for your weekend sailboat as well as land use that requires low power. It only weighs about 10 pounds but can maintain and recharge batteries. The maximum wattage is four, though not continually.

In contrast, the next most powerful of the AeroGen wind generator for boats is the AeroGen4 which provides considerably more power. Still not nearly the most powerful, it will still power a yacht as well as many accessories or small appliances or even a refrigerator. It gives off 19 amps of power continuously and will run dependably in a gale level storm at sea.

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