Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker Reviews


Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress coffee maker from Aerobie has been called the perfect coffee machine.


Vogue’s food editor once called Aeropress coffee, “Very, very good.” Author and coffee expert Kenneth Davids prefers the Aeropress over machines that cost twenty times as much.

How did such a little machine earn such huge compliments? Simple: The Aeropress Coffee Machine uses a unique brewing process that strips coffee of its bitterness.

How do Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Makers Work?

This device is also known as the Aeropress Espresso Maker, since it serves up a concentrated coffee that can be diluted or savored on its own.

The secret to the wonderful-tasting coffee lies in the brewing process. The Aeropress coffee brewer mixes finely ground coffee beans with water for 10 seconds. Then the mixture is pressed through a superb micro-filter for 20 seconds.

The filter catches every last coffee particle, producing a smooth coffee concentrate that can be stored for days without turning bitter. That’s right; in 30 seconds, you can have excellent coffee for days!

The core unit comes with 350 pack disposable filters. If you want to reduce your waste, consider buying a perma filter for Aeropress.

Instructions on How to Brew Aeropress Coffee

To use the Aeropress coffee and espresso maker:

Step by Step Video Instruction

  1. Take one of the Aeropress filters and press it into the black filter cap.
  2. Place the filter cap on the bottom of the brewing cylinder and twist to secure. Place the brewing cylinder on top of the coffee cup you’ll be using, filter side facing down.
  3. Put 2 scoops of ground coffee into the brewing cylinder. Use the official Aeropress scoop for accurate measurement.
  4. Add enough water to just barely cover the coffee grounds in the cylinder. Stir the mixture well, and add water until the water level reaches the top of oval #2 on the cylinder.
  5. Allow the mixture to sit and swell for about 10 seconds, then stir a second time.
  6. Place the plunger into the top of the brewing cylinder and exert firm, constant pressure until all the liquid is pressed through the filter and into your coffee cup.
  7. Add hot water to dilute your coffee, throw in your choice of cream and sweetener, and enjoy!

Positive Aeropress Reviews from Consumer Reports

Where shall we begin?


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The Aeropress Coffee Maker is praised by individuals and experts alike for its ability to produce superb coffee in seconds. Other key selling points include the machine’s price (it is available for under $30, often with free shipping) and its simplicity.

Many reviewers insist that they would rather have an Aerobie Aeropress than a more expensive French press. The cold brewing process decreases the acidity of the coffee, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of stomachs.

What About Aeropress Coffee Problems?

It’s genuinely difficult to find negative reviews of the Aeropress Coffee Maker. The unit is so affordable and easy to use that many reviewers own multiple machines – for work, home, and travel.

However, some consumers are dissatisfied with how much ground coffee it takes to make a few ounces of coffee concentrate.

Others point out that this is not a good machine for multi-drinker households, since it would be laborious to make several cups at once.

Conclusion about Aerobie Aeropress

If you love great coffee and don’t want to wait very long to get it, the Aeropress Coffee Maker is a good choice. If your household has lots of coffee drinkers, you’d be better off with a large-capacity machine.

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