Advantages of a Helical Wind Turbine


A helical wind turbine is a vertical axis helical turbine. This particular wind turbine has the three vertical blades and each one has a 60 degree helical twist. This aspect spreads the torque over the whole revolution and avoids negative throbbing of the straight bladed mill.

The wind is able to push the blades easily and thus this type of vertical axis wind turbine is becoming more popular for residential purposes and especially in cities and towns. They can easily be mounted on rooftops or can be placed on the ground nearby the house.

Maximum advantage of wind energy can be achieved from this type of wind turbine in the home. These helical types of turbines resemble spiral designs and they produce electrical power with the help of the strength of the wind. They do not produce loud sounds like the larger bladed turbines. It is due to the sluggish wind speed along the tips of the blades. The design is so created that the same sluggish wind speed is favorable to make the instrument rotate.

The helical turbines are easily mountable in the place wherever you need it to be placed, which is dependent on its design and its relevance. Another great advantage of this instrument is that it does not affect birds unlike other wind turbines, which created much uproar in the society for killing many birds while in action.

This type of turbine helps generate electricity but are not affected by crosswinds, which jeopardizes the bladed turbines. The amount of renewable energy produced by a larger version of the turbine amounts to 1. 5 to 2 kw of electrical output with the minimum wind speed attaining around 6mph. It does not affect the green in any way and does not cause any harm to the environment. If you want clean energy for your home you can depend safely on a helical wind turbine.

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