Advances in Heated Vest Technology


Storm Rider EXO2 Heated vest

When considering the advances in heated vest technology and the impact on heated motorcycle clothing, we need think in terms of design, fabrics, consumption and price. American riders have enjoyed the benefits of heated clothing for 30 years with such great names as Eclipse, Widder, Gerbing and more recently Stormrider, Venture and Tourmaster.

With the advances in materials, design and heating systems, you can look forward to lightweight, waterproof, windproof, crush-proof and stretchable heat generating materials, the elimination of hot spots, and safer electrical circuitry which replaces the old wiring systems.

Whether you are into motorcycles, snowmobiles, snowboarding or simply watching sports, heated vest technology enables you to enjoy them with comfort and complete safety.

Also with the introduction of lightweight and flexible fabrics, thousands are benefiting from wearing a heated vest indoors reducing heating bills, increasing their comfort, stimulating blood circulation, staying warm and much more.

The advances in heated vest technology have also meant an ever increasing range of heated motorcycle clothing and heated clothing in general such as gloves, grips, pants, scarves, socks, boot liners, glove liners and more. Most riders will tell you that a heated vest will allow you to enjoy your riding pleasures in colder temperatures as much as 20 degrees lower.

With the introduction of modern carbon fiber heating elements instead of those old-fashioned wires, design to keep the vest and the warmth close to the body, a motorcycle wiring harness and the inclusion of a built-in waterproof controller, motorcyclists can now enjoy riding in extremely cold weather conditions in total comfort and safety and at a very affordable price. One of the benefits of wearing a modern heated vest under a winter motorcycle jacket is to minimize the need to wear excessive layers allowing as much freedom of movement as possible while still keeping warm. The lightweight, very flexible heated clothing that doesn’t bind during movements while riding such as over-the-shoulder checks or other movements make riding just as enjoyable in the winter as at any other time. Traditionally a heated vest has been the favorite because heating your torso will then spread the heat throughout your body.

The better producers and marketers of advanced heated riding vest technology products not only provide motorcyclists with a complete package for one price, they have taken this technology to provide their customers with the ability to connect with other products in their range such as heated jackets, heated gloves, heated pants, and for those who prefer it, heated motorcycle vests with a heated collar.

Between the carbon heating fabric which is approved for use in the rain also, the elimination of hot spots, the built-in controller and the wiring harness all at an affordable price, the advances in heated vest technology have played a significant part in extending the riding season for motorcyclists as well as putting heated motorcycle clothing in the reach of many more riders.

Further advances in heated vest technology have come from Fabroc material as found on the Stormrider heated vest which was developed for the aerospace industry. Extremely light in weight, Fabroc is a self regulating heating material. As its temperature rises, the resistance increases, drawing less power. Equally when the temperature drops, Fabroc takes on more power to produce more heat.


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