Accelerator Free Gloves


What are Accelerator Free Gloves?

Wondering what accelerator free gloves are? These are a type of glove that does not have accelerator chemicals in them when the glove is made. These gloves are becoming a preferred glove to use because Type IV allergies that some people have when the use regular nitrile gloves.  These accelerator free gloves are still made of nitrile therefore it retains the same benefit of minimizing the risk of Type I allergies related to the usage of latex gloves.

A Glove for Those with Type IV Allergies

The accelerator free glove is a good alternative for those that have allergies to natural rubber latex or regular nitrile gloves. While the nitrile work well for many people some have even developed allergies to these gloves and this is why the accelerator free gloves can be a good alternative when you need a glove to work with in your industry. Many places have stopped using latex gloves due to mainly protein allergy concerns but if you want to eliminate Type IV allergies then the accelerator gloves are good options for you to go with.

Workplace Safety

About 30% of the population has some sort of allergy to natural rubber latex and while the regular Nitrile have lower allergies potential but nitrile accelerator free gloves will ensure that everyone can work in a safe environment free from allergens. Some symptoms of allergies to latex include flaky skin, redness, and inflammation on the hands and fingers. These are warning signs that an allergy to latex is present.

A Glove for Everyone to Use

By using accelerator free gloves you’ll provide a glove that everyone can use safely and have good protection. Workers with allergies will need to take time off if they have a reaction to latex gloves and his impacts your bottom line. With allergy free gloves you’ll ensure that more work gets done in less time and that sick days off are minimized.


You can get tested to see if you’re allergic to Type IV allergies and if your employer uses latex gloves or regular nitrile gloves you can notify them of your allergy and problems with dealing with these gloves. You might not be allergic to the latex or nitrile but the accelerator chemicals that are used in the process to make the gloves so an accelerator free glove will eliminate your allergy problems in the workplace. There are accelerator free gloves that you can that would be the best option for you and your employer can provide them for you and others who might have the same problems as you do.

Ask For Nitrile Accelerator Free Gloves

Make sure your employer knows about your allergy and don’t feel afraid to speak up as it’s your health that matters in the workplace.


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