Ab Wheel vs Crunches


Here we are going to compare these two, the Ab Wheel Exercise VS Crunches which is also known as sit-ups. While ab wheel and sit-up/crunch are both great for working out our abdominals muscle, but which one is better than the other? Should you do more crunches or rollouts on the ab wheel?

Ab Wheel

Ab wheel exercises are harder, and it requires a already strong upper body to execute the exercise correctly, if you don’t, then you are just asking for trouble, as ab wheel can easily get your self injures if you don’t know how or not strong enough to perform the movement correctly.

It happened to me the first time I tried to use it, but after I have build enough of my upper body strength, I can do rollouts on these ab wheel with ease, but still having trouble performing the complete rollouts with my feet instead of knees. And the great thing about ab wheel exercise is, it doesn’t only targeted your abs, because it requires your whole upper body strength to keep you away from face palming the ground.


Crunches VS Ab Wheel

The great thing about crunches!? Is that it cost nothing and with some handwork, it’ll gives you results for the reward of doing crunches everyday.

Crunches/Sit-Ups is easier to do and is perfect for the beginner who just started working out, because your body weight will be supported by the floor, that makes the exercise easier to perform without having the greater chances of getting your self into trouble A.k.A injuries from doing it.

And from my researches, I have found that doing crunches with your legs on a exercise ball also known as stability ball, will give you the best abdominals exercise compare to doing it without the exercise ball, I haven’t tried this yet, as I always stick to ab wheel exercise or just normal crunches when my ab wheel is not with me. Give it a try if you have an exercise ball with you.


My advice to you people, if you are overweight, or a complete beginner who’s just starting into doing exercise, I would highly suggest you stick to doing crunches instead of using the abs wheel, do push ups, and any other body weight exercise that is lower in chances of injuring your self. Try to build enough of upper body strength, and when you have that confidence that you think you can finally do the rollouts movement with the ab wheel, then go and get it, start by doing the rollouts with your knees on the ground, don’t do the full rollouts with your feet just yet! as much as it’s tempting to do, you should start off from doing it with your knees, not your feet. Because I don’t want you to left a comment below says “Oh damn you Vain, because of you, I just injured my self from doing the full rollouts on my ab wheel that I’ve just received.”. I don’t want that happen to any of you here.. so keep it safe, and start slow.


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