Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt

Review Summary
The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is made to replace the abdominal exercises most people use to keep their abs trim and strong. This As Seen on TV product is available through a number of online stores, particularly retailers that sell other infomercial items. It is one of the more basic belts on the market featuring two toning pads, a simple black cloth belt, and a control panel that houses the batteries. This unit is not permanently attached to the belt so you can either clip it to the side or slip it in your pocket as it is hooked up to the belt via a small cord. This makes it difficult to wear Ab Transform discreetly under clothing.

The EMS signals pulse the muscles of your abdomen via the two toning pads. This is meant to replace exercises like sit ups as it reportedly does the same thing to your muscles that many workouts do. It is hand washable. The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is small enough as well as light enough to be easily taken along when you are on the go. Ab Transform is made for use on the midsection only. At this time there is no FDA clearance on this product, though that should not imply it is necessarily unsafe to use. No 3rd party clinical trial evidence supports the claims made about this belt.
Information About Manufacturer
Like many As Seen on TV products, Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt’s manufacturer is very difficult to pin down. There is no official website for the product itself at this time, and none of the retailers that carry it mention the name of the manufacturer. Major retailers list this item as imported, so it is very possible Ab Transform is shipped from China or South East Asia like most imported exercise items currently on the market.

Because so many major retailers, online and in stores, carry this item it is very easy to order. However the inability to order from the manufacturer more directly means there is no warranty or satisfaction guarantee covering Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt unless the retailer decides to cover it with their policies. Some stores charge as much as $10 for a one year warranty, others cover Ab Transform with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as they do their other products. The diversity of retailers also means a variation in price and shipping costs as well as shipment times.
•Made to replace or enhance an abdominal exercise routine
•Small enough to be portable, battery operated for on the go use
•Available at many major retailers, online and in stores
•Does not have the 3rd party clinical studes, FDA clearance, official website, or toll free number to call •Battery operated meaning frequent replacements must be purchased if used regularly •Cannot be used on other parts of the body like the thighs or butt •Little information about the manufacturer and cannot be ordered directly
Price and Shipping Information
Most retailers sell Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt for just under $100, though you may choose to pay an extra $10 for a one year warranty from certain retailers. This belt requires a 9 volt battery to run, so you may want to factor replacement batteries into the cost of the belt. The belt should come with one battery plus a nutrition guide and walking weight loss guide, which altogether are valued at $30.

Shipping costs will vary between retailers, though considering the cost of the belt many online stores should ship it for free. The time it takes to arrive at your doorstep, as well as whether or not you can have it sent overseas, will depend on the individual retailer as well.
The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is an ab belt capable of moving your abdominal muscles on its own, with no exercise required of you. It is battery operated, which means it is both portable and requires frequent replacement batteries to be purchased. This belt features a control panel and power pack that must be clipped to the belt, put in your pocket, or carried making it less discreet than some other designs. While the manufacturer does not sell Ab Transform directly it is available from a number of accessible retailers. Researching any ab belt you intend to buy is the best way to ensure you will get the product you need. Proven in several studies to create real results, The Flex Belt makes a great addition to a workout routine utilizing Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt. This technology driven ab toner basically does the work for you, making it a great option for everyone.


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