Ab Toner | Ab Stimulator

Review Summary
The Ab Toner is a product designed to help people tone their abdominal muscles using traditional exercise. It is one of many abdominal toning options currently on the market. While one particular product was specifically called the Ab Toner, many are marketed as ab toning systems. This simply means that title is applied to several different products. The brand name product, however, was an inflatable triangular device designed to allow incline abdominal work. Now, the company that made that original product markets their Ab Roller with the same name. Both are said to deliver firmer more sculpted abdominal muscles, according to the manufacturer.

Everlast is the company that produces the original Ab Toner and the Ab Roller now being marketed under that name. The original product was a blue inflatable device that was sold on the official website and through several retailers. As a matter of fact, it may still be available on a few different retailer sites. Both require users to contract their abdominal muscles while doing traditional crunches, strengthening the muscles within the abdomen. Another ab toning option that requires no exercise at all and may be a good addition to a routine that uses the Ab Toner is The Flex Belt. This product is often deemed the best selling ab fitness device on the market. One of the reasons The Flex Belt is so popular is that it allows you to work your ab muscles while doing other things around the house. Also, you don’t have to worry about neck strain or pain with The Flex Belt, as it is designed to be worn around your waist and it utilizes EMS technology, which essentially does all of the work for you.

The original Ab Toner was being sold for $49.99 when it was last available. The Ab Roller device now being sold under the same name is offered at $39 on the official website at the writing of this review.

The Ab Toner and Ab Roller were sold together on an official website. That website still carries the Ab Toner name and some information about the other abdominal toning products from this manufacturer. There is a short video here explaining how the rocker works and offering some testimonials as well. The manufacturer also offers a customer service page for people who want to contact them directly.

Final Facts
There are many abdominal toning products on the market. As some leave the market, others enter. While the Ab Toner is no longer being sold on the official website, that might not be a permanent predicament. There are reports that the product can be found on third party retailer websites, and it may once again return to the official website. However, the maker offers another product in its place. Both require some effort as they are traditional ab workout machines, quite unlike the highly advanced Flex Belt.


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