AB Solution

Review Summary
ABSolution is a book designed to assist people in getting the flat, toned abdominal muscles they’ve always wanted. This book takes a traditional route, recommending both proper nutrition and an exercise plan to get the best abs. It can be found through a variety of retailers and through the author’s official website. Written by Shawn Phillips, the book is said to contain solutions used by successful bodybuilders and fitness professionals. It apparently makes an ab solution easy for anyone to achieve.

The ABSolution is not a diet. The author makes it clear that he doesn’t support dieting and doesn’t believe crash diets are worth their effort. In it he urges people to abandon their diets in exchange for good nutrition, supplements, and old fashioned exercise. According to the official website, the book speaks simply and is easy to follow. It addresses things like the fallacy of spot reduction and how to turn cardio into ab toning work as well. Because the ABSolution takes care of both nutrition and exercise, it’s a seemingly great addition to the FDA cleared machine known as The Flex Belt. This highly advanced piece of fitness equipment is designed to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles with no user effort. You put The Flex Belt on and allow it to tone and strengthen the abs using what’s called EMS technology. According to The Flex Belt’s official website, you don’t need traditional fitness to get results, though if you do pursue a program like ABSolution with it, your results may be even more dramatic.

When a product like ABSolution is found through multiple retailers, it’s normally found at several price points. This is not unusual and allows for some competitive pricing that tends to benefit the customer. At the writing of this review, we found the book selling for less than $5 at some sources.

As stated, ABSolution can be found on the author’s official website and through several retailer sites. Because of this, there are many sources of information. Some of these retailers offer consumer feedback, which experts say can be particularly helpful for those trying to determine which product will best fit their personal needs and goals.

Final Facts
ABSolution is a book designed to teach people how to get six pack abs. It recommends nutritional and exercise solutions, as well as supplements that can assist in ab toning goals. It is written by Shawn Phillips and is available through several online sources. Phillips renounces dieting and is said to be very clear on just how to go about getting fit and toning your abs. As stated, this program may be one that works well with The Flex Belt ab toning belt, combining to give you both traditional means and a highly advanced ab machine with which to sculpt your abs.


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