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AB Slide – Product Description

There are a lot of AB slide reviews that show good results in shaping the abdomen and other surrounding muscles. AB slide is the most famous pieces of equipment if an individual is looking forward to toning his abdominal area. Because of its popularity, it became the centre of reviews in the field of fitness equipment.

AB slide is the most effective AB toner there is according to some AB slide reviews because it allows the abdominal area to be isolated. The isolation then causes the contraction and extension of the abdominal muscles. It does not just tone the AB but also the shoulders, arms and back of the one that is using this kind of equipment.

AB toning is considered to be the most difficult part of the body to be toned. There are lot of products or equipment that were reviewed by some AB slide reviews. AB slide, it only requires an individual to work three minutes every day.

AB Toning is sold around $20-$25.

Product Features

  • Firms, tones and slims the muscles
  • Works for the waist, shoulders, arms and abs


In that three minutes of work out every day, you will feel that the upper and lower abdomen of your body is strengthening. Not just the abdominal section but also the oblique, shoulders, chest and the arms. This result was backed by some AB slide reviews who tried this product.

Sunny Health and Fitness Roller slide is one of the most effective roller slides there is that some AB slide reviews is mentioning. Because of its good reputation in toning the abdominal muscle, this product got a good rating. This product has two main features such as allowing the person using this product to slim, firm and tone the abdominal muscle and working your abs but also the waist, arms and shoulders.

Just like any other brands of AB slide, the proper way of using this kind of item was then discussed in the different AB slide reviews. The first thing you have to do is to lay down an exercise mat on the floor. Sunny health and Fitness Roller slide, when purchased comes with this exercise mat. The next thing to do is to kneel down onto the mat that you have laid with the AB slide in front of you resting your bottom into your heels making this position as your starting pose. After that, grip the handles of the AB slide. In order to balance your body, it is required to raise your bottom making it look like you are balancing in your hands and knees. After that, you are now ready to extend the AB slide in front of you. Extend it as far as you can. If you have already extended much, try to slide back the AB slide in front of you. In some brand of work out equipment, it takes fifteen minutes to do that.

Two of the best qualities that this item has according to some AB slide reviews are convenience and ease of transport. AB slide reviews say that this item is very light in weight. Plus, it is also very easy and simple to use. This kind of item is very affordable as compared to some. This is one advantage of this kind of product aside from the many good things it has.


There are also negative comments about this kind of fitness equipment. According to some AB slide reviews, this kind of product is not known by many, thus making it difficult for them to use. Because of that, it causes several injuries on the ones who are using it. Another thing is that this equipment can easily break. These two disadvantages that some AB slide reviews are not serious problems. If an individual wishes to purchase this kind of item, he must know first on how to use it and to care for it properly.

Customer Reviews and Scores

AB Slide was reviewed by 71 customers and it received an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. 31 customers gave it 5 stars, 14 customers gave it 4 stars, 10 customers gave it 3 stars, 4 customers gave it 2 stars and 12 customers gave it 1 star.


This item overall is a good product to be purchased by an individual who wants to achieve the 6-packed abs that he wishes to have because it is loaded with the best features and specifications. Well, the reviewers highly commend this product because of that. The benefit of this item can really help you in achieving the fitness goal that you are aiming for. This may serve also as a guide to those who want to purchase this kind of equipment.

So, purchase this piece of equipment now in order for you to achieve your fitness goals.


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