Ab Sculptor

Review Summary
The Ab Sculptor is an abdominal toning device sold online and marketed as a solution to a flabby, unfit stomach. According to retailers, current and former, the Ab Sculptor provides a means by which to tone your abs using traditional exercise without causing stress on your neck, back, or other muscles. In photos it resembles a variety of other abdominal toning devices made to support a traditional crunch routine. At the writing of this article, the product can be found on a few different websites.

This machine is shaped like a rocking abdominal crunch machine. The user lays down and rests their head on a cushioned pillow. Their arms reach overhead onto the frame of the device and push forward, creating a sit up motion cradled by the Ab Sculptor. According to retailers, the design was made in such a manner as to increase the effectiveness of a crunch and to reduce the chance for injury and strain. While a traditional abdominal workout might be right for some, others prefer the effortless ab workout of The Flex Belt. This product is a revolutionary tool in ab toning. It’s made to contract abdominal muscles with virtually no user effort. One 30 minute effortless workout a day is said to be all that’s needed to see results with this product.

Although the Ab Sculptor is featured on several websites at the writing of this review, none of them seem to have the product in stock. This could be a temporary coincidence, or perhaps it is a sign that the product is being removed from the market. At least one retailer shows, however, that the product was selling for about $30.

As stated, the Ab Sculptor is present on several retailer websites. It isn’t sold on an official website and is instead spread throughout the Internet on those retailer sites that specialize in fitness products and those with general merchandise too. It is on these websites that you can often find consumer reviews and pricing comparisons, making the research of a product quite simple.

Final Facts
Ab Sculptor is an abdominal toning machine that uses traditional ab exercises to tighten and tone the muscles of the abdomen. According to sources, it was designed to produce proper form and protect the body from injury and strain during a traditional abdominal workout. Though it seems this machine isn’t currently available for purchase that could change, as some retailers still offer information about it though they state the product is simply not in stock.

Many people are interested in sculpting their abdominal muscles through both traditional and technologically advanced means. The Flex Belt is an alternate option for people who prefer a highly advanced and effortless ab toning experience. The Flex Belt is an FDA cleared toning device that does the work for the user by employing EMS technology. The medical grade EMS technology used in The Flex Belt allows it cause the muscles to contract and release as they would during a normal core workout. The belt is sleek and slim, making it easy for users to wear it under their clothing while they go about their regular routine. You can learn more about this ab toning option by visiting The Flex Belt’s official website.


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