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Who doesn’t want to have that great looking abs, right? that 4-packs! 6-packs! or even 8-packs!! Ab wheels don’t just give you the awesome looking abs that you have desire, but also increase overall strength, your arms, your chest, your back, and that steel hard core! and so on… especially the ab wheel that I am about to show, and review it for you today right here, right now.

Keep in mind that, this is not just the ordinary ab wheel that you have seen before in your nearest supermarket, because this ab wheel is like a… it’s like an ab roller on steroid, that’s how I’ll describe it to my friends.

You don’t simply name something “steroid” if they are small, right? That is exactly the reason why I think it is an ab wheel on steroid. It is larger than the usual ab rollers, and the crazy thing is that, it even has foot straps with it that you can lock your feet in it! It’s made to fit your feet and hands, therefore, you can do so much exercises with it, compare to the normal ab wheel, which you can only hold it with your hands and do the Roll-Outs, and has no foot straps. I believe it is the large wheel and foot straps that are making this ab roller stand out and being unique than the others.

Lifeline USA Power Wheel II Review

Lifeline USA Power Wheel II

Yes, this is the product I was talking about, the Power Wheel II by Lifeline USA and is Made in the USA. The extraordinary ab wheel on steroids. For anyone who has never use any of the Lifeline USA fitness equipment, trust me, even their cheapest equipment that is available in their store is made with good and high quality materials, and they have top notch customer service, which is very important. LifelineUSA has been around since the year of 1973 by Bobby “Sugar” Hinds, and he is known as the “Jump Rope King”, but that’s not really the point. The point is, he is all about creating awesome fitness equipments with great quality for the fitness enthusiast. They received a lot of positive reviews because of that.

The Foot Straps

This is one of the thing that make it so unique. When people hear about “ab wheel”, they will instantly think it’s the ab roller that people use with their hands and do the Roll-Outs. But not this one, this Power Wheel II can do so much than just rolling on floor with your hands. You will be able to do exercise that you can never do it without Power Wheel II, because you can straps your feet in it foot straps to do some exercise that you have never been done before. You have got to get one for your self to find out, and that is one of the reason why I got it, I LOVE THE FOOT STRAPS! Watch the video below to know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Power Wheel II In Action

The Good & The Bad

This ab roller has a 14″ wheel which is solidly constructed, and with such a big wheel, it is easier to stabilize while moving with your hands, for me personally, I feel much better doing the ab roller Roll-Outs exercise on this Power Wheel II better than doing it with the usual ab wheel that I had. I feel more secure, and comfortable while using this big ass ab roller.

The downside about this 14″ wheel is, for some people, they don’t like the size of this thing, they tend to like the smaller one instead, but there are many ladies that love this ab roller too, so don’t get me wrong.

Because of the size of this wheel, it will surely take up some space in your room for you to put in.

And for people who has bigger hands, you might find the foam grips are a little too small for you, and if you think that will bother you, I’ll suggest you to check out the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro, it is better for people with larger hands, and it is well made too with a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, but the downside is that, it doesn’t have a foot straps like this one has, so you won’t be able to do as much exercises as Power Wheel II able to do.

Lifeline USA Power Wheel II Review

The price is now at $48.99 on Amazon, is it expensive for an ab wheel? Yes, but remember, this is not a normal ab wheel. You can do so much with it, so for me, $48.99 is well worth it, hell, I even bought this for $130 included shipping on eBay few months back, and I still think it is worth it. Why $130? Because I live far away, the shipping cost is crazy to get it shipped to my door step.

This 14″ ab wheel also weight at 6 pounds, which is quite heavy for an ab wheel, the usual ab wheel weight around 1 – 2 pounds, but that is the reason why it feel so much comfortable when moving with it, so I don’t think it is a bad thing.


This Power Wheel II is suitable for anyone, from beginner to expert. If you are still using your normal ab wheel at home, and is now deciding to get a new one, I’ll say go for it if you have the cash, you will have no regret in the future by investing in this extraordinary piece of ab wheel like this, and of course, you will have the greatest body weight exercise ever if you pair this ab roller together with a suspension trainer, which both items can be keep it until your grandson has a wife.

As I said, if you have the Hulk’s hands, then think twice before getting it, I don’t want you to whine about it once you got it. I have been using this wheel for maybe 11 months or so, and I am still happy with it until today. So, get it, or leave it, it’s your choice whether to get this baby to be a part of your home gym equipment or not.


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