Ab Roller Slide


One of the rather infamous exercise equipment that is widely used by people working out at home or in the gym is the ab roller slide. An ab roller is perfect if you want to tone your abs and other surrounding muscle groups in your abdominal area. If you are looking for a good ab workout equipment and have decided to go for an ab roller, you need to know the two basic designs of ab rollers first.

The first ab roller type is the one with a wheel and handles on either side. This one is known for providing storage ease and convenience. To use this kind of ab roller slide, you need to roll down the floor and back on the knees over and over and repeat the routine as many times as necessary. For this ab roller, it is recommended that you use a comfort pillow (usually included in the package) so that your head is allowed to rest comfortably as you move up and down and complete the routine.

What strengthens the back and the other muscle groups is the resistance that the ab roller facilitates. With this type of roller ab, you can easily adjust the resistance according to your preference – you can either do a lighter routine or go for a harder workout if you believe that you are ready for it. This particular type of ab roller tones the abs perfectly in time. On top of that, this kind of ab roller also tones the upper body – the back, the shoulders, the chest, as well as the arms. You need not worry about strain or discomfort since the device rolls gently on the floor, which keeps the back aligned and supported while you workout.

The other type of ab roller slide is a device that looks like a chair. It has bars which you use to lift your body up and down as you sit on the ground, and because of such position, you will be able to tone your abs quickly and easily.

The benefits that you can get from both ab rollers are endless – tighter abs, improved posture, enhanced metabolism, and so on.


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