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Hi! Below you’ll find lots of useful Ab Rocket Twister reviews. Please be sure to leave your own reviews, testimonials, and other feedback in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

In an effort to make your life easier, we have searched through over 200 online reviews from existing customers and summarized the results. This is designed to save you time and help give you the facts to make a balanced decision. The numbers, reflect how many times, a certain point was mentioned – eg that is was easy to use was mentioned in 16 customer reviews.

Rated ★★★★★

Ab Rocket Twister Reviews Summary- The Positives

It Works!: 139 mentions

Its Easy to Use: 16  mentions

Good Price: 11  mentions

No Pain in the Back/Neck when using it: 20  mentions

Well Built: 3  mentions

Helped me Lose Weight: 20  mentions

Easy to Assemble: 28  mentions

Would Recommend it to Others: 151  customers

Ab Rocket Twister Reviews Summary- The Negatives

It Doesn’t Work!/Lack of Resistance: 46  mentions

Uncomfortable to use: 8  mentions

Hurt/Caused Pain in the Back or Neck: 26  mentions

Poor Build Quality: 22  mentions

Difficult to Use: 1  mention

Too Expensive: 11  mentions

Lack of Lumbar/Seat Support: 3  mentions

More Info:  Two thirds of customers reported that the Ab Rocket Twister did indeed work. Many of the other one third of people mentioned that the resistance bands did not provide them with an adequate workout; and they were better off just doing crunches. It is possible, and this was talked about by several customers in their reviews, that incorrect form was a contributing factor in this. People who had success with the machine said they looked at the instructional DVD’s closely and made sure they used their muscles rather than momentum to get a good workout. The feeling I got from reading the reviews was that if you are already in good shape, the ab rocket twister is probably not for you, as it wont give you a good workout. If you are not in shape, then could be just what you need to help you out.

Slightly more people said it was uncomfortable or caused pain in their lower back or neck than said it was comfortable. One thing mentioned by many people was to put a small cushion behind the small of the back to help alleviate this. In future version, the manufacturer should probably add more padding.

Poor build quality does seem to be an issue overall, with several people complaining that it felt cheap or that there were parts missing from the box. As one customer mentioned, its not designed to be gym quality – to bring it up to this sort of standard would naturally increase the price by several hundred dollars per unit.

As far as cost is concerned this was pretty much a wash. About equal numbers of people thought it was good value to those that thought it was expensive. Either way cost was only mentioned in about 10% of reviews.

About 10% of customers mentioned that it had helped them lose weight around the midsection. Naturally this machine is not for everyone, but the majority (about 70%) said they would recommend this machine to a friend. If you have had your own experiences with this machine, please leave your own Ab Rocket Twister Reviews below so others may benefit.

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