Ab Rocket Reviews

Ab Rocket Reviews

Ab Rocket Reviews are plentiful throughout the internet, since the Ab Rocket is one of the most popular abdominal trainers available on the market and one of the few ab machines that work, delivering results when combined with appropriate diet and cardiovascular exercise. Specially suited to people who are pressed for time and want accelerated results, the Ab Rocket is designed to exercise all three areas of your abdominal core – lower, middle, and upper – as well as your abdominal obliques at the same time. As you read the many and varied Ab Rocket Reviews written by users of the product all over the world, it’s apparent that the Ab Rocket features as one of the best ab machines available thanks to its gym-like comfort and efficiency (just 5 minutes per day is required). At just 10 lbs, the Ab Rocket is light and compact enough to be used and then stored with minimum fuss, making this one of the most convenient home fitness units around.

Features as listed by Amazon Ab Rocket Reviews:

  • Work out every section of abdominal muscles in just 5 minutes a day
  • Back and head apparatus for gym-level comfort
  • 3 levels of resistance for development of muscle strength and size
  • Proven diet plan and instructional DVD
  • Quick, convenient storage with folding capability
  • As Seen on TV

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If you look at some of the many Ab Rocket Reviews written by customers online, one of the recurring themes as to why people seem to buy these types of ab trainer products is back pain. Crunches can often be very stressful for people who are not used to doing any forms of abdominal exercise because they also involve a lot of spine movements, however, differentiating the ab machines that work from those that don’t can be equally strenuous. To make this process easier I would recommend reading the user-submitted reviews on popular sites such as Amazon, since these ab machine reviews would reflect true user experiences and will therefore help tremendously in your search for the best ab machine for your needs.

Fortunately, the Ab Rocket Reviews I have read as well as personal experience all indicate that many of these “As Seen On TV” abdominal trainers do indeed manage to successfully bridge the gap between no exercise and crunches/other exercises that are quite hard on the back. No Ab Rocket Reviews are suggesting that it is a miracle worker – there is still a degree of work on your part, but it is more manageable thanks to the abdominal muscle focused design which is very easy on the back. In fact, most people who have success with the Ab Rocket are those who actually dedicate the 5-10 minutes per day to doing the exercises and stick with it. If you do this, you will first of all feel no pain in your back thanks to the back supporting design, back and head rest, seat and abdominal-centric crunching motion; and second of all, you will wake up with that muscular soreness in your abs the next morning, the true indication of whether the muscles were worked out properly. This simple ‘trick’ can be used to identify the ab machines that work. (As a side note: If you have muscle soreness, make sure to supplement with whey protein powder.) Whatever your goals, even if you don’t see magnificently ripped abs on the first day you use the Ab Rocket – you will definitely feel the increase in strength within a few days of using it. You know, that ability to contract your muscles harder, your abdominals seem to respond more strongly to your brain signals, and you can even feel some hardness starting to develop.

Of course, not all Ab Rocket Reviews are equal. Clearly some people are extremely pleased with it while others are dissatisfied. Investigating the true reasons behind any less positive Ab Rocket Reviews is the key to making an informed decision as to whether the Ab Rocket is the best ab machine for you. To start off, one user was quite unhappy with the fact that the Ab Rocket is a lot like doing crunches. If you read the above paragraph, you will know that the Ab Rocket is not a miracle device, it simply allows you to perform effective crunches while supporting your head and back significantly, thus preventing any (further) injury to your head, neck and/or back. In addition it allows more resistance levels than your typical one-size-fits-all crunch. The most effective motion for abdominal development remains the crunch; it has simply been expertly modified by the Ab Rocket so that even people with back and/or neck problems can now perform them without stress or pain. While this machine is not perfect, some of the Ab Rocket Reviews on Amazon seem to be overly harsh, for example, a person who hasn’t necessarily given the machine a chance or even bothered to do the workouts, quits and gives the product 1 star. I will repeat, the Ab Rocket will not perform your workouts for you. You have to get up and do them yourself, sure, the machine makes the workouts a lot easier on your back, but you still have to move, give it time, and eat right. No machine can do all that for you. As far as its purpose goes, the Ab Rocket performs pretty darn well, especially as many expect it to be another one of those “As Seen On TV” gimmicks.

I invite you to continue reading our reviews of the top 7 ab machines that work: I would recommend reading them all if you can, since the best ab machine for one person is not always the best for another. Find what machine you really wouldn’t mind using, in particular the motion (e.g. twisting, crunching, stretching) performed when you use the machine. If you positively hate crunching, for example, then the Ab Rocket wouldn’t be the best ab machine for you personally, so you move on to the next one. That’s how you make sure you will be getting an ab machine that you’ll actually use and get results with.


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