AB Rocker


AB Rocker – Product Description

AB rocker is considered as one of the best exercising devices in the world of fitness. This product is the perfect one for those people who are dying to have a gorgeous abs. The ab rocker targets your upper, middle, lower abs and even the side if your stomach, giving you the desired body that you’ve always wanting to. Ab rocker reviews have a lot of good feedback about this product.

Ab rocker reviews shows that it will really strengthen your core, cut inches in your waistline and tone your abdominals. Another positive feedback in the ab rocker reviews is that it has a system for free fat-blasting that includes easy to make meal plan that has a low calorie, recipes that are mouth-watering with low calories and a DVD workout for five minutes that will target your cardio, Pilates assister and your abs.

If you are now interested to try this product because of the different positive ab rocker reviews, surely you are interested to know the price range of the ab rocker. Particularly, the approximate price range of ab rocket comes from $70 to $80, with its price it will surely give you the body that you want since it is really proven as effective exercising equipment. Ab rocker reviews also reveal the durability of the product. This is the main reason why a lot of people really patronize this product.

Product Features

In order for you to understand the product deeper, it is very essential to know some of the different features of the Ab Rocker. By knowing some of the features of the Ab Rocker, it will be the way to know if this product is the one that you really need.

  • The Ab Rocker workout in strengthening core and toning muscles especially in the abdominal
  • Head and back apparatus will comfortably support your neck and head
  • With the rolling cushion, it will give a massage that is gentle while you’re in the workout.
  • Three resistance levels per day needs only five minutes; 10 pounds weighs
  • Includes instructional DVD and meal plan with low calorie; folds for storage


Now that you already know the different features of the ab rocker, it is time for now to know the different positive advantages or benefits that you will get, having this kind of product. According to the different Ab Rocker reviews one of the best advantages that this product gives to the different users is that, with this product you will be able to conserve space in your house since the ab rocker can be disassembled. Another positive ab rocker reviews is that using this product will not let you experience any strains that you usually experience in different exercising equipment. Because of its head and back apparatus, it will guarantee you to give the best support for you to get rid of head and back pains while doing the exercise. No doubt, these Ab Rocker reviews reveal that this product is really user-friendly.


Now that you know the positive thoughts about the Ab Rocker reviews, you need to know as well, the negative feedbacks that this product gets. The only concern in this product is that it may not appear as affordable to some. This product is quite expensive that’s why there are people who really invest in this product. However, the price of this product is really worth it, since it will give you the assurance of effectiveness and durability with this product. Don’t hesitate to spend your money with the Ab Rocker because the benefits or advantages that you will get from it are worth the price.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The ab rocker was reviewed by 259 customers and it received an average rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars. 70 gave it 5 stars, 56 gave it 4 stars, 37 gave it 3 stars, 30 gave it 2 stars and 66 gave it with 1 star. The numbers of review and its ratings only shows that the Ab Rocker reviews are still in a positive side, which means most people who already used this product, are satisfied enough.


Ab rocker reviews really show how good this exercising device is. With the Ab Rocker you will have the best body that you are dreaming of. You will now experience to have the best abs with less strain. You can now enjoy going to the different beaches and wearing your bikinis or trunks to show how beautiful your stomach is. Despite the expensiveness of this product, it’s still worth the price since it is really effective and it has a lot of advantages than disadvantages. This is the reason why a lot of people really patronize this product and continue to write positive Ab Rocker reviews.


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