Ab Lounger Exercise


Ab lounger exercise can be as easy or as gruelling as you wan’t to make it. The device itself won’t give you a complete abdominal workout, but it comes pretty close.

If you can manage to train your abs twice per week, with your core exercise performed on the lounger and some assistance work to “finish off” the abs – then you’ll be able to get your midsection in shape pretty quickly.

So, how do you engage in productive ab lounger exercise? Well, the device itself is intended for crunches in a “jackknife” fashion. This means that you strap yourself in, grab hold of the handles and lie fully back so that your back is slightly hyperextended. This means lying at an angle greater than a flat 180 – the purpose of this is to stretch your abs fully, so you can exercise through a complete range of motion.

You then “jackknife” up into a seated position by contracting your abs. When your abs are working, they pull your upper body towards your hips, and your legs up to your upper body. That’s one repetition.

Effective ab lounger exercise should go something like this. I’d recommend 3-4 sets of jackknifes, performed to near-failure (i.e. stop once it becomes a struggle, but stop BEFORE than gruelling Rocky Balboa 10-second-long repetition). You should try and train in the 8-12 rep range. You can often alter resistance by adjusting the settings on the ab lounger or adding weighted resistance.

After jackknives, I really recommend at least a couple of sets of standard crunches. This lets you target your abs to full contracting with the “curling up” motion of crunches – something that is absent when training on the lounger.

I’d say this is about all you need. Three sets of jackknives, and a couple of sets of crunches, performed two to three times per week. If you’re looking to train your transverse abdominus (the band-like muscle underneath your six-pack that gives you abdominal muscle tone and stops your belly sticking out) then you could throw in some stomach vacuums too.

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