Belly fat is a common problem that most of the people are facing today. Excessive fat on any part of your body makes you look ugly and invites many medical problems too. Apparels do not look good on fat people. Everybody wants a fit and slim body. But the busy lifestyle does not allow you to go gym and loose the extra fat. Now you can loose the excessive fat from your abdomen by using the product named AB LOUNGE ULTRA.

AB LOUNGE ULTRA is manufactured by Fitness Quest. The design of this machine is very special. It has been designed in such a way that so that you can concentrate on your ab muscles. It gives full support to your head neck and back giving you the maximum comfort. Most people do not have space in their houses to build gym. AB LOUNGE can be folded and stored easily in a small space. Thus it is a great home work out. AB LOUNGE ULTRA is made up of steel which makes it a durable product. The machine can be set up easily. It has been tested by the experts. The design is such that it won’t cause any harm to your body. Another remarkable feature is that it ensures “perfect form” workouts.

AB LOUNGE ULTRA is a good machine for those who really want to loose the extra belly fat, those who really want a perfectly shaped body. The machine provides a full motion which trains the ab muscles properly. It provides very good resistance training to your ab muscles. It exercises your oblique muscles as well and shows you very good results in just few weeks. A workout of 10-15 mins a day on AB LOUNGE ULTRA is enough for excellent results.

Moreover the machine is manual and does not require any electricity for functioning. The price is around 150$. AB LOUNGE ULTRA weighs 37lbs. The company also provides an instructional video with the machine. The machine looks like a chair and has set dimensions – 39.5 inches long x 30 inches wide x 45.5 inches high. The unalterable dimensions are one of the major drawbacks of the machine. AB LOUNGE ULTRA strengthens your ab muscles and provides a better ab workout than crunches or sit-ups. In other words it is a complete workout for your ab muscles. A fitness machine that will show you good results.


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