Ab Lounge Sport Reviews

Ab Lounge Sport Reviews

The Ab Lounge Sport is designed for men and women of all ages and sizes with the primary focus on supporting the body as much as possible while still maintaining intensity in abdominal muscle contraction, leading to rock hard abs and trimmed obliques. The unique design of the Ab Lounge Sport allows complete stretching and contraction of the abdominals, and this extremely diverse range of motion – far greater than you would experience from conventional crunches or situps – is where the Ab Lounge Sport really outshines even the most sophisticated gym equipment. Complete with an instructional DVD showing you exactly how to get the best out of its unique stretch and crunch flexing motion, the Ab Lounge Sport has firmly established itself as one of the leaders in home abdominal fitness equipment.

The Ab Lounge Sport has the following features:

  • Workout chair for full body support enabling 100% focus on abs
  • Jack-knife construction for full stretch and contraction of abdominals
  • Full set of abdominals worked: upper, middle and lower
  • Steel frame which can hold up to 275 lbs
  • Instructional DVD
  • Full 90 Warranty

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The unique selling point of the Ab Lounge Sport is definitely its range of motion: The jack-knife design allows it to achieve full stretching and then contraction of the abdominals, something impossible to achieve if you’re doing regular sit-ups or crunches. Furthermore, the full support of the Ab Lounge Sport chair means that you have significantly reduced chance of damaging your neck or back compared to sit-ups or crunches which can often be deceptively dangerous. Thus, the Ab Lounge Sport is probably the best ab machine for people with back and neck issues.

Reading the Ab Lounge Sport reviews, it seems that those who are actually using their Ab Lounge Sport are getting the results, all without hurting their back, which is a key criterion for me personally, and should be for anyone wishing to exercise their abs in a safe and healthy manner. So not only is the Ab Lounge Sport an ab machine that works, but it works very safely. Sometimes it can be intimidating to use a new ab machine because they often require strange and obscure movements and motions. Some people have doubts about the safety of such motions, but products as popular as the Ab Lounge Sport have been tested so extensively that they pose no safety hazards. I have tested it and the jack-knife motion and support feels extremely safe and secure. It works out the abs without straining joints, the neck or back.

In addition to being effective and safe, the Ab Lounge Sport lasts a very long time, with some reviewers reporting that their Ab Lounge Sport has lasted from 6 to 7 years. I didn’t know they had been out that long! Certainly, if they have been going for that long it must mean something. Some people might have their reservations about the Ab Lounge Sport and whether it would hold them, since it relies on a steel frame and comfortable canvas, but as long as you are 275 lbs or under, it will hold you with no trouble. If you are above 275 lbs, the Ab Lounge Sport, or any ab machine for that matter, is not for you. (Intense cardio would be most appropriate, in such a case.) Even the best ab machine would not support more than 300 lbs.

While the positive reviews for the Ab Lounge Sport come from many seasoned fitness enthusiasts, some who by their own admission own the whole variety of modern “As seen on TV” ad machines, there are negative reviews as with any item. Complaints range from problems with the size (the Ab Lounge Sport is admittedly somewhat larger than most ab machines), to being quite boring to use (though when was working out ever exciting!), to not leading to enough weight loss, which I would like to address in a bit more detail. If you are looking for the Ab Lounge Sport as a way to “burn fat off” your stomach, it’s better to just have a good, low calorie, high protein and nutrient diet so that you can lose weight, combined with cardiovascular exercise e.g. jogging or swimming. It is this combination which truly leads to weight loss. Abdominal exercises are simply to strengthen, grow and define abdominal muscles, which the Ab Lounge Sport does a pretty good job at. Whichever exercises or machines you choose, they will not help you to lose weight. Weight is lost by diet and cardio exercise, not by using the Ab Lounge Sport, though the few extra calories burned using the Ab Lounge Sport won’t do you any harm at all. It is so often less a question of “what are the ab machines that work”, than “how can I fix my diet” – in order to get a visible set of abs.

Overall, the Ab Lounge Sport is one of the most effective machines to give your abdominal muscles extra size, strength and definition, but for truly ripped abs you need a good diet and cardio in place as well. It is the best ab machine in terms of body support and safety of motion.


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