Ab Lounge Sport Review

ab lounge sport Ab Lounge Sport Review

The Ab Lounge Sport is a device that allows you to work your abdominal region without straining your back, arms, or any other part of your body.  This chair uses a jackknife design to give you full range of motion all whist your head, back, and legs are supported.  This a machine that you can use from the comfort of your own home, while you catch up on your television programs.  This device also come with a dvd  that will lead you through a workout, and dietary guidelines, tips, and recipes to help you achieve the best results with your device.

Ab Lounge Sport customer reviews

Many customers who have purchased the Ab Lounge Sport, say that it is one of the most comfortable ways they have ever found to get a good stomach workout.  The device supports the head, back, and legs, putting zero pressure on these areas.  This allows the customer to get a good workout without straining other parts of their body.  Other customers also love how they can get fit while they watch television or listen to music.  You can put this device in any room of your house, and use it while you catch up on your favorite sitcoms, or listen to your favorite band rock out.


According to many customers who have purchased this device, the Ab Lounge Sport is very easy to assemble.  All parts of this product are numbered, allowing you to construct this machine quickly and easily.  Customers also compliment the Ab Lounge Sport for not only working their abdominal muscles, but giving their back a good stretch while they are at it.  This product also seems to be helpful for those customers with joint problems, allowing them to get the excerise they need without the added effort of having to get down on the floor in order to get their ab workout.


No doubt, there are always negative reviews about any product, and when it comes to the Ab Lounge Sport the biggest complaint that customers seem to have is the amount of space that the device takes up.  In order to effectively use this product, you will probably need to have a room set aside for your home gym, or not mind the big device in the corner of your living room.  Another complaint is that the canvas has the tendency to wear out, and is not easily replaced unless you know how to sew.  These things should be considered if you are of a mind to purchase this product.

Final conclusion

Overall the Ab Lounge Sport gets favorable reviews from customer who have purchased it.  Many customers have been very pleased with their purchase, and most importantly have achieved the results that they were seeking.  Remember, you will not get six pack abs from just using a machine like this.  You have to compliment this machine with some cardio, and you have to alter your diet in order to get the results you are wanting.  If you are seriously considering this product, it is always a good idea to go on line and research it yourself, it is your money and as a smart consumer it is important that you invest it well.


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