Ab Lounge Chair


With so many abdominal fitness machines and mechanisms on the market today, I’ve noticed that each company tries to distinguish its product with a unique claim (in addition to giving you flat abs in just minutes a day, of course). For the AbLounge chair, this is a “biomechanically-advanced Jack Knife ab crunch that’s clearly more effective than standard crunches.” Clearly. But what does that even mean?

The theory behind the design of this particular device is to provide support for the upper and lower body, while allowing a range of motion from over 180 degrees (beyond the flat start you would have with floor crunches) to a complete pike position. Since the typical crunching motion targets primarily the upper and middle fibers of the rectus abdominis (the six pack muscle), and the chair also incorporates contraction of the lower fibers, it must, indeed, be more effective than standard crunches.

With all the research on abdominal exercise techniques that has been done in the last few years, most exercisers today know that standard crunches are among the least effective abdominal workouts they can do, because they target such a relatively small area of the midsection. So is a machine whose best claim is that it’s “clearly more effective” than a clearly not very effective exercise, even worth our time?

If you have an AbLounge chair exerciser and use it consistently, then you’re already doing better than the people who use home exercise equipment for hanging towels to dry, or as makeshift bookshelves. If you’re one of those people who simply can’t bring yourself to exercise without equipment and want an in-home abdominal workout option, this one probably won’t cause you any harm.

Do keep in mind that any time you spend money on home fitness equipment, you’re making an initial investment. Without the continued investments of time and effort, however, your new toy will have been a waste of money. So when considering your personal health and fitness investment, choose something you’re most likely to actually do, and follow through. Maybe you’ll get those flat abs in no time, after all.

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