Ab King


Killer ab workouts are easy with tools such as the Ab King Pro Abs Exercise Machine or the Fitness Quest Ab Lounge 2 abdominal exerciser. Alternatively, you can consider a fun, affordable option such as ab ball exercises. If you want to know how to get flat, ripped abs, you have to focus on the whole core area. Killer ab workout devices flatten, strengthen and define the entire stomach area in a few minutes per day.

The benefits of ab ball exercises are numerous. The workouts are inexpensive. The ball supports your back, so the risk of strain injuries are limited. The routines can be done at home at a time that is convenient for you. As you get stronger, ab ball exercises can be adjusted to add to the degree of difficulty. These workouts can be fun and can be quite efficient as six pack ab workouts.

Judging by a video sample, the AbKingPro abs exercise machine offers a 200 degree range of motion that targets the whole stomach area. The aim of the best killer ab workouts is to tone and define the upper abs, middle section, and oblique in one comfortable motion, while throwing in a free lower ab workout. AbKing Pro reviews claim that the machine provides a better result than ab ball exercises.

Killer ab workouts alone won’t get you to your goal of flat, six pack abs. You need to stick to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine in order to see results. Why not keep track of your training with the help of the Wilkins Bodyminder Workout And Exercise Journal?

In addition, you may also need an aerobic workout such as that offered by the Sole F63 Fitness Treadmill, the Trojan Treadmill, or the Proform 650E Treadmill XP. Ab ball exercises alone may not get your heart rate up to a level that will rev up your metabolism.

The AbKing Pro has a robust frame, comfortable padding, and a rolling wheel action. The motion is pleasantly smooth. Reviews highlight the effectiveness of this machine, compared to the legendary Fitness Quest Ab Lounge 2 abdominal exerciser, ab roller workouts, and Mari Winsor Pilates tape workouts.

So, between ab ball exercises, the Abking Pro or a tool such as the Softair Ab 14, you should be able to put together some killer ab workouts for yourself.


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