Ab Gymnic

Review Summary
AbGymnic is an electronic ab belt that, like most of its competitors, uses EMS technology to stimulate ab muscles in a kind of exercise. Some ads for the belt describe the feeling of using it as a light abdominal massage. Also known as Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt, this system is not just for abs as it can be used to tone other body parts like the thighs and buttocks as well. AbGymnic requires no effort on the part of the consumer and is slim enough to be worn discreetly under loose clothing. The control panel is located at the front of the belt for easy access to the belt’s settings.

2 LV batteries are required with the AbGymnic system and typically come with the system. The belt should run about 1000 minutes before needing a battery change. The belt itself is cloth and should be easily adjustable for most waist sizes. Some advertisements state ten minutes with the AbGymnic is like doing 600 sit ups, the EMS system contracting your ab muscles the same way exercise does. Many online retailers that carry AbGymnic include bonus materials like a weight loss guide and a set of batteries.
Information About Manufacturer
There is no information about the AbGymnic manufacturer available online at this point in time. A lack of an official website makes it difficult to track who, exactly, has made AbGymnic although it is sold by several retailers. This is common when a product is manufactured overseas, or if the company only makes this single item, however there is no way to know if either is the case with this particular piece of equipment. It is possible that, should the manufacturer make themselves known, more light will be shed on the product and its features.

Because there is no way to track details about the manufacturer there is no information available about whether or not it has a 3rd party study backing up the claims made about it. It does not appear to be cleared by the FDA either, though that should not imply that AbGymnic is necessarily unsafe to use. It also means AbGymnic lacks a manufacturer warranty and satisfaction guarantee, two things that can ensure the consumer has the exercise experience they are promised.
•Can make the most of your time and effort by replacing abdominal exercises
•Is cloth and adjustable to fit most waist sizes
•Control panel located up front and thin enough to hide under loose clothing
•Manufacturer currently unknown and no official website available
•Not covered by a known warranty or satisfaction guarantee at this time
•Batteries will need to be replaced every few weeks if used regularly
•Some inconsistencies between advertisements from various retailers
Price and Shipping Information
Because AbGymnic is available through various retailers rather than from the manufacturer or an official website exclusively, cost varies greatly. The range at the time of this reviews spanned $4 to $40. There is no warranty or guarantee policy from the manufacturer, however some retailers may cover this product with a warranty or guarantee period. Some AbGymnics come with a weight loss guide and batteries, depending on what retailer you purchase it from.

Shipping, too, is a variable when choosing between so many retailers. AbGymnic from some sources may be shipped internationally and a few of the online stores that carry it have a toll free number while others do not. The cost of shipping and the time it takes, like the price, will vary considerably from one retailer to the next.
AbGymnic is a like many other ab belts in its design and stated effectiveness. It is battery operated and while that means it is portable it also means frequent battery changes if used regularly. Because the design of this belt is so slim and has a portable power source one can assume it is meant to be used on the go if desired. The one size fits most design, easy to reach control panel, and low price are some of the positive points of AbGymnic.

According to the statements at various retail sites, AbGymnic is able to provide the equivalent of 600 sit ups in ten minutes, making it a potential replacement for your current abs routine. The weight loss guide that is included with many AbGymnic systems may serve some consumers well by enhancing whatever results this belt can provide. Consumer will do well to research any exercise equipment they are interested in before purchasing.


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