Ab Glider Reviews


The Proform Ab Glider is generating a lot of attention in the fitness world. Sure, the infomercials make it all look effortless and promise near instant results, but is this machine all its cracked up to be? 

This site has been designed to find that out once and for all. We have the most comprehensive collection of Ab Glider Reviews available. We have trawled through the internet collecting reviews. In addition to having the reviews available for you to read right here, we have also summarized them, giving you a quick way to rate the Ab Gliders strengths and weaknesses.

We know that the best way to find out about something is by talking to people who already use it. We show you all the reviews we could find, both positive and negative, because it is important to get a balanced view before making a purchase. We encourage anyone reading this to leave feedback with your own Ab Glider reviews so that we can continue to run this site as a service to others.


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