Ab Energizer

Review Summary
Ab Energizer is an abs belt designed to tone your abdominal muscles without exercise like many other ab belts currently sold. Ab Energizer was once popular on the exercise equipment infomercial circuit, featured on its own commercials, which claimed this product can contract your abdominal muscles up to 700 times in ten minutes. Using Ab Energizer is supposed to be pain free and simple as the belt just wraps around your waist. The belt emits electrical currents purported to contract your muscles the same way exercise does. Like abdominal exercise, Ab Energizer is said to make your abs lean and strong however no exercise is required for this equipment to be effective as claimed.

Batteries are required for Ab Energizer. It seems to be portable and lightweight, though there are no weight and size specifications available at this time. Ab Energizer is designed to fit under most clothing so it can be worn discreetly at places like the gym. Because it is battery operated this product can be worn on the go. There is no indication how long Ab Energizer can run on a new set of batteries. Unlike some ab belts that can be used on several parts of the body, this belt is for use on the midsection only. FDA cleared for strengthening, toning, and tightening the abdominals, The Flex Belt is a great product to pair with workout regimen including the Ab Energizer, or it can be used on its own to create real results. Check out its official website to learn more about The Flex Belt’s amazing abilities. Most sellers that carry Ab Energizer include bonus items like a carrying case and tightening gel, plus a weight loss guide. The gel and guide are intended to enhance the results of Ab Energizer.
Information About Manufacturer
The Ab Energizer manufacturer seems to be currently out of business, or at least they are not selling this particular product any more due to the FDA citing them for certain violations. Ab Energizer is still available online through a number of auction sites. However it is worth noting the official website is currently down and there is no direct toll free number to call about the Ab Energizer. Individual sellers may have toll free numbers available for questions and comments even though there is no way to reach the manufacturer.

At this time the Ab Energizer manufacturer has not acquired 3rd party study support for the claims made about their product. It also does not have the FDA clearance some other ab belts have, though this does not necessarily mean Ab Energizer is unsafe to use.
•Designed as an exercise free alternative for abdominal fitness
•Most orders come with bonus materials like tightening gel, carry case, and weight loss guide
•Portable and made to fit under most loose clothing
•Currently sold only through auctions sites, making things like price and warranties a variable
•No official website or toll free number at this time
•Has not gained clearance from the FDA
•No 3rd party trial backing the claims made about this product
Price and Shipping Information
Because it is only available at auction sites at this time there is no way pin down an exact price for Ab Energizer. They are typically sold for about $20 before shipping and handling, which consumers should expect to pay about $8 for. Potential Ab Energizer users may want to factor the cost of replacement batteries into this amount as well. Not coming directly from the manufacturer does not just effect its price, it also means Ab Energizer is generally not covered by a warranty. Few sellers of this kind offer satisfaction guarantees either. Whether or not this product ships internationally will also change from one vendor to the next.
Ab Energizer is like many other ab belts in its design and purpose. As a portable, electrical stimulation unit for your abs Ab Energizer is supposed to provide an exercise free workout for your abdominal muscles. The fact that it is fairly streamlined and battery operated means you can use Ab Energizer on the go. While it cannot be used on other parts of the body this product should be simple to use on your midsection as intended.

Although it is no longer available through an official website, toll free number, or infomercials you can find Ab Energizer on the web at various auction sites. This means price, bonus materials, warranty information, international shipping guidelines, and satisfaction guarantee policies will vary from one seller to the next. While no one piece of equipment can revolutionize a person’s health a good ab belt can make a difference in how one’s midsection looks, and wise consumers will do well to search for information about any ab belt they are considering.


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