Ab Doer Twist Reviews

Ab Doer Twist Reviews

The Ab Doer Twist is without doubt one of the most unique pieces of abdominal equipment you are likely to ever come across. One of the less conventional additions to our list of ab machines that work, the Ab Doer Twist incorporates the use of a swivel seat for maximum range of motion and hence targeting maximum number of muscles, as well as the equally unique arm bars which are used in a vast collection of exercises for the abdominals (upper, middle, lower and obliques). This innovative combination of complete lower and upper body flexibility allows an extremely large total of movements to target many muscles above and beyond the abdominals. The Ab Doer Twist Reviews currently available online suggest that this ambitious technology is not just good on paper, but it actually works.

Please note – Ab Doer Twist Reviews must combine the muscle toning aspects of the equipment as well as the obvious aerobic benefits. We will be focusing primarily on the muscle toning aspect of the Ab Doer Twist since abdominal development and toning is the main reason people look for Ab Doer Twist Reviews.

From the Ab Doer Twist Reviews page, product features:

Swivel seat for maximum lower body mobility
Arm bars for maximum upper body mobility
Torsion-flex technology can help you to train all muscles, not just abs
Huge variety of exercises contained in workout DVD and workout booklets
Diet plan to help with the ‘other’ aspect of getting great abs (the kitchen!)

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If you read the main product description above the customer written Ab Doer Twist reviews, it may already be quite evident that the Ab Doer Twist aims to offer another dimension of functionality relative to most of the other ab machines about nowadays. The lower part of the Ab Doer Twist, which can take people up to 300 lbs, comprises the swivel seat, which enables you to rotate around in order to target muscles used in twisting motions (for example, the often overlooked abdominal obliques) as well as the simple up-down motion of crunches and sit-ups. The upper part, as many user made Ab Doer Twist reviews and videos have demonstrated, does facilitate the important up-down crunch motion, however much like the swivel seat it is not limited to any one direction, thus it can also be taken from side to side, diagonally, and so forth. The sheer range of motion in the Ab Doer Twist makes it a serious competitor in the often oversaturated ab machine market, and is worthy of serious consideration from anyone wishing to develop their other muscles while they train their abdominals. The creator of the Ab Doer Twist, John Abdo, clearly saw that people were neglecting the rest of their bodies while in search of the perfect six pack. Ironically, focusing just on the abs can make it a great deal harder to get the six pack. The Ab Doer Twist is the best ab machine in terms of overall workout intensity and calorie burn, both all too often neglected essential elements of building the perfect six pack.

Based on the Ab Doer Twist reviews I’ve read, it seems that users’ results are better than those of other ab machines, though of course (as I will cover later on) there are people who buy the machine and don’t use it adequately, then complain. At the same time I will address and investigate the major complaints in order to differentiate which are the fault of the user and which are due to flaws in the equipment. The positive Ab Doer Twist reviews highlight a number of strengths: Quick set up time; strong, steel, professional-grade construction; relatively ‘fun’ compared to the often monotonous motions of other ab machines; very large variety of motions and multiple muscle targeting beyond simple abdominals; range of motion in some cases eliminating the need for chiropractor’s adjustments; good workout intensity, not too hard but not too easy. It’s quite clear from the positive Ab Doer Twist reviews that this piece of equipment works, however as always, you will have to do the workouts, cardio and a good diet in place to benefit from it as it was intended.

Positives do greatly outweigh the negatives in the Ab Doer Twist reviews section on Amazon, but I did find some issues which were the fault of the manufacturer, and not the user. First of all, the machine does not come with 3 workout DVDs as advertised – they are all bundled into 1 single DVD under different chapters. I don’t understand why the manufacturer would feel the need to lie about something relatively minor like that, especially since the product overall is good. Secondly – and this is perhaps the most important for those looking to build significant abdominal muscle – the resistance settings of the Ab Doer Twist are good enough for ripped abs provided you’ve got low enough body fat, but for those looking to get some serious looking abs and obliques, you will need to add resistance. For this, you need 3 metal rods which, unfortunately, are not included in the main kit and cost 20 bucks extra. Now that may not seem like much, but I really think that Thane (the manufacturer) should have included them. It really prevents me from calling this package as a whole ‘excellent’. True, it’s not specially designed as a hardcore resistance muscle building product, but the option should nonetheless be there for those who want to go beyond the fitness level. If you want a less intense workout and more support, go for the Ab Lounge Sport, otherwise, the Ab Doer Twist is the best ab machine however those who have neck and back problems or are extremely unfit and/or overweight, might want to be careful before buying.


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