AB Cruncher


Ab Cruncher is popularly known as a piece of exercise equipment that can help your abdominal physical exercise. Actually, it is very difficult to form your six pocket abs if you will do an abdominal exercise alone without the help of this ab cruncher. Some ab crunchers are effectively helpful in performing crunches on the floor, while others only give a platform tone or support to your abs.

Ab Cruncher helps you in your ab crunches with its steel frame. This ab cruncher tones all your muscle tissues to form a perfect shape of six pack abs. Another good thing about this cruncher is that it is less expensive and just weighs 10 lbs with its own instruction guide.

For those people who attempt and want an improvement on their ab crunches, this ab cruncher devise can help them get their preferred abs. It can also make your workout time less and minimize some troubles in your back.  With this ab cruncher, you will obtain the best result in forming your crunches and reducing all the damage in your abdominal muscles.

The Ab Cruncher  is sold around $80-$200.

AB Cruncher – Product Features

  • Ab cruncher device/ab crunch/ab roller
  • ab rollers that support your neck
  • the ab roller makes you comfortable in your workout
  • you can easily use it anywhere and anytime
  • burns away body fat and calories
  • form your back and stomach muscles
  • remove back pain and neck cramps
  • strengthen leg and thigh muscle
  • manual with complete and detailed workout methods
  • targets your lower and upper abdominal muscles
  • simple and easy installation
  • exercises you can perform using this are:
  • standard crunch
  • combination move
  • reverse crunch
  • cross arm
  • advance crunch
  • abdominal-bicycle style
  • single spring


Now that you know more things about the features of this fitness equipment, it is time to find out if it is a good idea to have and purchase this fitness machine. Well, more people see the effectiveness of this device. Most of them say that this fitness equipment works very well as compared to other machine available anywhere in the market. Using this equipment will also give you one hundred percent possibilities to attain the best result. You can also perform different types of exercises using this equipment in order for you to become physically fit.

To perform an exercise using this ab crunch machine, all you have to do is to lie your back on and begin to crunch. This machine will pull your body back and give an entirely workout to your abdominal muscles. Your workout should be held in fifteen minutes with fifteen repetitions of crunch exercise. This ab cruncher machine will provide a good exercise in both the upper and lower section of your abdomen.

It also helps your body to burn all your calories and carbohydrates that cause excessive fats. With this equipment, you can also easily sculpt your body.

The primary advantage of ab cruncher machine is to minimal the pressure on your joints and provide a low impact of workout for your body.


Although this fitness equipment promises a lot of advantages, there are still disadvantages with regard to its performance. Ab cruncher machine is not a multi-purpose one. Yes, it has lot of advantages but if you use it in the wrong manner, you may probably have some trouble.

Even if it gives a good support on the concentration of your abdominal muscles, it might bring pain if you abuse and use it too fast when it comes to the repetition of crunches or pushing it with the use of your arms. Those wrong usages of this ab crunch machine are the disadvantages of this equipment.

This equipment can also cause pain on your back such as ripping and stained muscles in long and without resting exercise. The other features of this fitness equipment are too risky and might give you a muscle trouble. Many folks believe that this machine always have a risk if you don’t know how to use and workout using it.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Ab cruncher is good fitness equipment. It is important to read an online ab cruncher reviews in order to be updated of this equipment. You can also see reviews of this equipment on TVs. According to people who reviewed it, Ab Crucnher was able to satisfy their need for a great workout experience.


Although this product has disadvantages, those are not a problem for you to achieve your goal to have a perfect abdominal muscle or popularly known as six packs of abs. In order to get more idea and understand more the workout method of this equipment, you can browse in the internet to get the information you need. You should always look for a good quality ab cruncher in order to avoid trouble with your abdominal muscles.


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