Ab Cruncher Review


Who doesn’t long to have a toned stomach, and maybe even a six-pack? An ab cruncher is a tool that can be used to acquire the abs you want. Strengthening your core becomes easier with a product like this.

Ab crunchers as seen on tv really can be successful in helping you achieve your fitness goals. You may have been skeptical wondering if these products can really help you get results. Although it takes more than just a product, but also dedication and hard work, a cruncher helps focus your efforts in the right direction. You can see results. You can choose from a tool that has a head rest and handles, a chair, or a full blown machine.

The Ab Toner Trainer is a product that allows you to target your workout on your abs. It is one of the most basic cruncher products available. It is a frame you use on the floor as you abdominal crunch. As you crunch your abs you grasp the handles or bar that is attached to your headrest. So your head moves up as you contract your abs, as it would with a traditional crunch, but you have more head and neck support. You can achieve a better workout with less strain on your neck and back. You can perform your basic, reverse and oblique crunches, in addition to advance bicycling and leg lifts. Ab crunchers like this don’t take up a lot of space and are relatively inexpensive, costly as little as $50.

An ab cruncher chair allows you to sit while you perform your workout. They look like a lounger, or a chair. These chairs allow you to experience a full range of motion since you are up off the ground. They often fold up for more compact storage. Again it helps you avoid straining your neck and back, by maintain better form. Generally they are sold including DVD workouts, so you know how to best use your product. Some even have nutrition guides or recipes to help you achieve your goals. You’ll spend a little more on a chair, close to $90.

Lastly is an ab cruncher machine. These are more like what you would find in a gym. Its seat adjusts to accommodate the size of all users. It usually has a foot hold for extra support. It allows you to isolate your abdominal muscles for a complete ab workout. As your fitness level increases, you can add weight to the machine, or even vary the weight during your workout. This weight would be added with Standard or Olympic Plates. Generally the purchase of the machine doesn’t include the weights. This type of product can definitely help you see results. Some of its drawbacks are the large amount of space it requires, and the cost. A machine like this can run you around $300. If you purchase a machine that already has the weights included, that don’t separate from the machine you can spend over $1000. The second of the two seems appropriate for a health club, but not a home gym.


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