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Ab Coaster Reviews

If you look on the internet you can drive yourself mad looking through all the hundreds of Ab Coaster Reviews out there. With that in mind we have trawled through the web examining customer feedback for the Ab Coaster and compiled a summary to make like easier for you.


Would you recommend the Ab Coaster to a friend?

91% YES
9% NO (or no response)

Positive Factors mentioned in Ab Coaster Reviews:

Good Ab Workout/It Works!: 58 mentions

Easy to put together: 28 mentions

Good Quality Construction: 18 mentions

Good for People with Back/Knee Pain: 11 mentions

Helped me lose weight:  11 mentions

Negative Factors mentioned in Ab Coaster Reviews:

Expensive: 10 mentions

Noisy: 3 mentions

Poor Ab Workout/Didn’t Work : 3 mentions

Poor Quality Construction: 3 mentions

Painful in the Back/Knees: 2 mentions

Warranty/Customer Service Issues: 2 mentions

It should be noted that when the Ab Coaster was first released it was selling for $499. It has since dropped to less than $300, so some of the comments in the reviews about cost should be viewed with that in mind. Another thing that is consistently mentioned in the Reviews of the Ab Coaster is the importance of maintaining proper form while doing the exercise.


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