Ab Circle Pro Workouts DVD And Workouts


The Ab Circle Pro workouts is an ab workout machine that utilizes sliding knee pads that swivel around the base to provide an abdominal workout that focuses on cardiovascular and strengthening muscles similar to crunches or sit-ups. Ab Circle Pro is one of the best ab machines for both those just starting out and those who want to maintain their physical fitness. Ab Circle pro Workouts

Ab Circle Pro workouts claims that working out for just three minutes on the ab workout machine is equal to about 100 sit-ups. Unlike sit-ups which require laying on the ground, the Ab Circle Pro workouts reorients the workout from a position on hands and knees. This reduces strain on the back, and simultaneously provides more freedom of movement to work the oblique muscles (commonly referred to as “love-handles).

As Seen On TV Ab Circle – A Treadmill for your Abs!

When you purchase the Ab Circle Pro workouts, the machine comes with two Ab Circle Pro DVD’s. “Slim Down DVD” focuses on the three-minute Ab Circle Pro workouts that are promoted with the machine, while a more intensive “30-minute Fast Blasting DVD” is provided for a more challenging workout. There are also instructions for providing a nutritious low-calorie diet to provide the best outcome from using the ab workout machine. Ab Circle pro Workouts

Additionally, there is an Ab Circle Pro DVD set of three videos with alternative Ab Circle Pro workouts that can be purchased separately. The DVD’s include a 6-minute, 12-minute and 16 minute workout for varying levels of abdominal fitness.

CyberMonday300 250 2 1 Ab Circle Pro DVD And Workouts

All the videos feature Jennifer Nicole Lee, a well-known fitness celebrity who states that she lost over 80 pounds using the Ab Circle Pro workouts. After having two children, she had gained a lot of weight and reached nearly 200 pounds. After losing weight, she was Miss Bikini America in 1996, among other fitness awards throughout the years. CBS recently named her “America’s Sexiest Fitness Mom” in 2012. She makes the workouts look fun and easy, and is inspirational to mothers who want to lose excess baby pounds. Ab Circle pro Workouts

As Seen On TV Ab Circle – A Treadmill for your Abs!

The ab workout machine also allows the user to remove a single pin which allows the knee pads to move independently, and convert to working on the thighs and buttocks. Each leg can be worked independently, or both legs can be moved up the track to work the buttocks and back of the thighs. This flexibility allows the user to work on all the major areas of concern.

The machine costs anywhere from $80 in stores “As Seen On TV” or from the website for $150. The Ab Circle Pro is one of the best ab machines due to its low cost as well as its simplicity in assembling and storage. It can easily slide under a bed or in the closet out of the way when it is not being used. Ab Circle pro Workouts.



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