Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

For better of worse, everyone has seen Ab Circle Pro reviews, whether on television or in magazines. The Ab Circle Pro is probably the most well known ab machine available today, with a unique sideways motion targeting the core upper, middle and lower abdominals, as well as the obliques. However, whether it is the best ab machine is yet to be proven with such competitors as the Ab Doer, Ab Glider and more. Still, the Ab Circle Pro forms part of the exclusive club of ab machines that work, out of the hordes of TV gimmicks in the fitness equipment niche. Unlike tedious and often painful crunches, the Ab Circle Pro requires only a swift, effective sidewards movement to target your abs without unnecessary strain on your neck and back. Such ease of use is achieved by the frictionless sliding track which permits an off the floor workout at three different resistance settings. For such a popular machine, Ab Circle Pro reviews are mixed, but what is certain is that the Ab Circle Pro will be around for a long, long time.

As according to Ab Circle Pro reviews page, product features:

  • Minimal friction track for efficient sliding in a sideways, circular motion
  • Targeting all parts of the abdominal muscle set – lower, middle, upper and obliques
  • 3 levels of resistance suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Manufactured from durable, professional-grade steel
  • Workout DVD and nutrition guide included

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If you are researching ab machines that work, then chances are you’ve heard of the Ab Circle Pro. The unfortunate thing about such a popular item is, often the Ab Circle Pro reviews that you read might not be genuine, particularly in the case of positive reviews. While the vast majority of reviews on Amazon are genuine, caution must always be advised for such a well publicized item as the Ab Circle Pro. Hopefully you will find this review of some help given the fact that many Ab Circle Pro reviews might not be very helpful at all. We have not considered any reviews which we deem to possibly be suspect. We will first go through the pros and then the cons in the final paragraph.

Despite its complaints, there are many very positive Ab Circle Pro reviews. One user describes in detail his circumstances – his diet, workout regimen and sleeping habits, all of which are equally essential in building the ideal body – then he goes on to relay the difference that the Ab Circle Pro has made. He notes that 3 minutes a day is unrealistic for any sort of results, and surely common sense would have told you that anyway! 20 minutes is recommended, but that 20 minutes will, as another happy reviewer rightly says, ‘give you the edge’ when you’re trying to lose weight and build that washboard stomach. In both of these aforementioned Ab Circle Pro reviews it is clear that alongside building strong, visible abdominal muscles, an excellent function of the Ab Circle Pro is simply the cardio that you do, building endurance and burning calories all at the same time. For those who actually perform 20 minute workouts with the Ab Circle Pro, yes, it does work. Another pleased reviewer has rightly noticed that traditional methods of working out the abs, for example crunches, do not target the variety of muscles that the Ab Circle Pro can with its range of motion. Other people who have left Ab Circle Pro reviews have back problems and so cannot do traditional exercises such as crunches or situps, which are often quite stressful on the neck and back. One big advantage of the Ab Circle Pro is that people who are often prevented from exercising their core due to injury can now, using the right technique from the workout DVD and the beginner’s resistance level, train their abdominal muscles without aggravating their back conditions. Finally – and this would have been included in the below ‘cons’ paragraph had the manufacturer not changed it recently – the knee pads have been replaced from 2011 on all models to a much stronger material, and also includes a soft padding for optimum comfort. (This was in response to many complaints involving breaking and uncomfortable knee pads.)

Now, it is absolutely no secret that the Ab Circle Pro reviews contain many negative evaluations, even relative to the positive reviews. It is this number of negative reviews that prevents me from declaring the Ab Circle Pro as the best ab machine around, although it is undisputably effective. Please note that many are due to the knee pad issue which as mentioned above has been fixed as of 2011 onwards. However, even if you disregard negative reviews for the Ab Circle Pro left as a result of this particular fixed problem, there are still more negative reviews than positives. Problems are varied, from sub-standard manufacturing to chipping paint to chipping wheels, all the way to the roller wheels wearing down after just a few weeks of use. These seem to generally indicate that the manufacturer of the Ab Circle Pro may not be taking the time or resources to ensure that they are being built to a satisfactory standard. People nowadays, including myself, expect a lot for their money and they expect to get a lot of use out of a $200 item. While there are good reviews for this product as mentioned above, there seems to also be more problems than I could mention within a reasonable amount of space, and in light of this I would recommend for you to either read our other reviews here, or if you are still interested in the Ab Circle Pro, to make the decision for yourself by reading all the original Ab Circle Pro reviews on Amazon.


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