Ab Circle Pro Review – Should You Get One?


Admittedly, there are many abdominal exercise machines out in the market, all of which promises to provide users with to-die for six-pack abs in a few short weeks. Many will include meal plans, workout DVDs and other related merchandise to motivate buyers to use the main equipment.

An Introduction

Perhaps the most heavily advertised of all these ab exercise machines is the Ab Circle Pro. Touted by its manufacturers as the treadmill for the abs, it promises to help users burn off the fats and tone the muscles in the stomach, hips, buttocks and legs areas. As such, it is both a cardio and strengthening machine for the abdominal region, if its proponents are to be believed.

The users will start out on their hands and knees but not on the floor. The knees are positioned on the padded kneepads with the feet outstretched behind the back and the hands placed on the handlebars for stability and support.

There are two basic motions possible with the Ab Circle Pro. First, you can go from side to side in a motion meant to tone your stomach and hips. Second, you may push your legs outwards and inwards supposedly to tone your legs and buttocks. You can alternate both movements to add variety.


When it comes right down to it, the benefits of the Ab Circle Pro lie in its portability and affordability. You can fold it for better storage and travel purposes, thus, its suitability for people on the go and people living in cramped spaces. You can work out a good sweat with this device. Then again, you can also work out a good sweat with just plain running and jogging or with any other exercise equipment if you just keep at it.


As previously mentioned, the Ab Circle Pro can provide for a good workout and the benefits seem to stop there. After all, you can get similar workouts with the other ab machines in the market. Or better yet, you can save your money and spend it on organic foods instead of buying into machines like the Ab Circle Pro. You can revert to good, old-fashioned walking and running for your cardiovascular exercises as well as crunches, sit-ups and leg raises.

Consumers also have other complaints about the Ab Circle Pro. These complaints include the design and construction of the machine itself such as the kneepads digging into the knees, lack of durability, and strains on the arms due to the position taken.

The biggest flaw of the Ab Circle Pro, however, is that it can only provide for toning exercises if and when you already have the lean and mean body. If you are looking for an ab machine that will transform your fat belly into a flat stomach, then the Ab Circle Pro is not the one for you.

Thus, to answer the question of whether the Ab Circle Pro delivers, the answer is a yes and a no. Yes because it provides a good sweat and no because washboard abs are not possible with it since you need to attain a good body fat percentage before it happens, of which the Ab Circle Pro is not the right way to go.


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